Interventional Pulmonology Saves Woman’s Lung, Life (Full Version)

[MUSIC PLAYING] MICHA: My mom, she’s typical
Korean mom who really cares about her kids. I’m not sure if you’ve heard
about those like Asian tiger mom type of moms but
she was never like that. She cooks every single day. She makes sure that
we’re well fed. I mean she always cooks enough
like you can see that much! We have very close relationship. She went to college in
Korea, majoring in music. But she was singing all her
life and that’s her passion. A few years ago my
mom started to have the symptoms of
coughing the blood and she could hear this
wheezing sound all the time from her left lung. The hospital that she
was attending they told me the only option
that she has is the surgery. That they need to
remove her left lung. We were really shocked and
we felt really helpless. Her passion is singing. At that time she was still
participating in choir at the church. She felt really sad that she
couldn’t continue doing what she loved the most. But we found Palo Alto
Medical Foundation and then we met
with Dr. Krishna. Dr. Krishna was really
approachable and he’s really friendly. More than anything he took time
to explain and we didn’t get intimidated like the other
doctor who told us about the surgery – he was
pretty intimidating. Dr. Krishna mentioned that he
doesn’t recommend the surgery, and that he’s willing
to treat the symptom, directly injecting the
medication to her lung, and that sounded so much better
than going through the surgery! So it looks three treatments
over close to two years, but they were able to cure her. She was praying to God that
she needs to participate in the choir at the church. And that’s what she
promised to God. And if she were to
have the surgery, and she couldn’t sing anymore,
then she can’t keep that promise. So after she heard that
news she felt so happy. MOM: (Speaks Korean) MICHA: She says she could fly. She was so happy that
she could even fly!

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