Interpreting Love

I am a translator from ADRA; and I am translating in the ambulance and working with doctors. I feel very happy when I can help all these people. I worked before in Serbia for about six months. There I got experience in working with refugees in a camp. But here it’s a little different…there’s a lot of people staying here and they use all of us working here. A lot of the children know us, and they come every day to play and get chocolate. It makes me happy to see the smiles on their faces. At first I worked for one month in another camp. Now I have been here for about one month. So actually now I know all these people because I see them in the ambulance every day, and also here in our clinic. They like to talk to me and with all our staff because they all have their own stories. Sometimes it is very hard to listen to their stories because there are lot of difficulties…..Some of them have lost their families… I studied political science in Syria. I am half Syrian; my mother is Serbian. Because of this I speak Arabic. I lived in Syria for about 10 years, and I returned to Serbia about four years ago when the problems started there. Because of this I know how these people feel; I know how they lived before and it’s very difficult for me to see them now how they live, because they did not choose to live in tents, and eat food which is totally different from Arabic food. It’s difficult for them to live like this. I just wish…… a better life for them. A future, a better future, – because they had a bad life for four years. especially the children whose life is a mess; they don’t go to school, they don’t exercise, and they have nothing to do… …they need to complete their studies because they are very smart children. Sometimes they teach me Kurdish, because they speak Kurdish and I speak Arabic …so we teach each other. Actually, it is enough that they speak with their eyes, since sometimes I don’t understand them, and they don’t understand me. So we speak with our hands and our eyes, – and that’s enough for us to be able to play with them. They teach me their games and songs. (song game)

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