Internet of Things (IoT) & EcoStruxure: RTLS for Moorfields Eye Hospital | Schneider Electric

Moorfields Hospital is over a century old. The biggest problem is trying to run
a world-class institution in a very old infrastructure. My Name is Chris Harding, I’m the Director of Estates and Facilities at
Moorfields Eye Hospital, one of the best jobs I’ve ever had, basically because we’re saving people’s sight. The StruxureWare™ platform has allowed me to integrate all of the systems into one proper platform. This has helped us get all of the right data at the right time. We spend less man-hours maintaining the systems, my operating costs have gone down. From the doctor’s point of view who were fully involved in the design of the theatre systems, they have a screen now that tells them everything, they need to know during their operations. We use Schneider Electric’s RTLS (Real Time Location System) so that we have the capability of tracking various people
and items around the hospital. We’re also looking at benefits for patients so we that know the patient flows that they use, so we can improve them. Schneider Electric has designed the systems to give me the benefit of the correct data
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at the right place to the right people.

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