Internet of Things (IoT) & EcoStruxure: Energy Management Systems for Hospitals | Schneider Electric

when lives depend on the reliable
uninterrupted flow of power there’s no room for even a momentary outage in this
local hospital with patients scheduled for surgery it’s critical that the power
remains consistent under any conditions a power outage can endanger patient
lives as well as the hospital’s financial health and reputation this
hospital can count on reliable power thanks to the eco structure power
solutions delivered and implemented by Schneider Electric and their eco expert
partners trained and certified in critical power solutions for health care
facilities to prepare for the approaching storm the facility manager
uses Eco structure power monitoring expert to monitor the entire electrical
distribution system and fuel levels for his backup generators because he
recently ran an emergency power supply system test he knows that this backup
power is ready to take over if a power failure occurs so that life-saving
operations can continue as planned he also knows his m-v equipment is in good
condition thanks to continuous monitoring and
advice he receives from eco structure asset advisor a storm hits hard causing
power outages throughout the city and affecting the hospital’s m-v supply the
automated transfer switch immediately changes the supply source to the backup
generators during the switchover period to the generator the UPS Galaxy VM
provides immediate backup power ensuring that there are no interruptions to
ongoing surgeries and procedures around the world millions of patients undergo
surgery every year and they all trust their lives to the hospital serving them
from connected products and edge control software to apps analytics and services
our IOT enabled eco structure power architecture provides tailored solutions
that simply work our commitment to innovation in every level ensures
connectivity reliability efficiency safety and sustainability
that’s why should I – Electric is a preferred solution provider for
hospitals and healthcare organizations around the world because with us life is
on Oh

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