International Medical Graduates

Tasmania is marketed by one of the advertising companies, I’m not sure.. as surene, green, clean and pristine, and that is absolutely right. Four words. And somebody was telling me the other day you can smell your life starting from here. And you can. It’s very clean place. Very beautiful. Australia’s a bright place to raise a kid. I think you have a sort of mish mash of cultures here. You get everything. Like the kid gets raised in all kinds of atmosphere, gets exposed to different languages. Meets different people, and he can envibe the quality of different cultures. And hopefully he gets to be a good human being. And have that quality of mateship, and as we described before, gets a fair go. So I think that’s very very important. International medical graduates play a very significant role in the delivery of health in this country. Chances are if an Australian is sick or injured whether they go to a private practice, or a hospital, it’s quite probable they will come in contact with an international medical graduate and certainly in rural or remote areas, very likely. That the doctor providing care will be an international medical graduate. I was at work and got something in my eye and we flushed it out and it just doesn’t feel right. Ok. Since coming to Australia my career plans changed a little bit my initial interest in the UK was surgery, but having come over to Australia a slightly different system, where I found the emergency department more interesting just the way that it’s set up and the government controls the emergency department, it makes it a much more interesting place to work over here. I’m now planning on training in emergency medicine. Just gonna pop some orange dye in your eye, ok? Accessing the training programs in Australia has seemed much easier than it has in the UK. Of course thinks like surgery is unbelievably competetive everywhere, but it seems here that the options are a bit more flexible than they are back in the UK. Ok, you can sit back, all done. It’s important that the public has confidence in the standard of the international medical graduates, and because of that there are rules, regulations, and processes that have to be met. For a doctor coming to this country, able to work to show that they have met the standards that would make them show that they are practising at the equivalent standard that we would expect from our own graduates. Certainly having our baby in Australia is great. Good health care system, so you know, it worked well. And Australia in general is just a really nice place to live, it’s really easy place to live, quality of life is excellent and cost of living is fairly comparable to most places The nice thing in terms of medicine in particular is that it certainly is one of the more forward thinking countries in terms of wages and work hours. That over the last few years, they’ve become quite concious of the safe working hours, especially for junior doctors and so that’s really quite a big positive. There’s alot of support and the patients are quite used to getting seen and treated by IMG’s, so I have worked in the emergency department for quite some time and it was lovely working there, meeting new people, working with the staff, Hello again, Mrs Page. I’m Helen, we met earlier. Are you right if I have another quick look at you and see how you’re getting on? I’m really happy here, socially, definitely financially, and in terms of the training that’s offered to me I’m much happier here in the job that I’m doing at the moment than the job that was on offer to me back in the UK. I’m the son of post war immigrants to Australia, I’ve got first hand experience of Immigration enriches an improves a country, and the movement of International medical graduates to Australia, is another example of how that occurs.

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