Internal Medicine on the Treasure Coast: Kevin Hou, MD

I look forward to helping my patients
lead healthier lives. Working on collaborative teams who keep patients
best interests in mind, to care for the whole patient is what really appealed to
me about internal medicine. Additionally, I really enjoy science and learning
about science and a career in medicine means the opportunity to learn something
new every single day, as there’s new practice changing guidelines coming out
several times a year and applying those principles to develop these longitudinal
relationships with my patients and helping them lead healthier lives. Part
of my role as a primary care physician is to keep my patients healthy and
prevent them from becoming hospitalized in the first place and to try to keep
them healthy enough so that they don’t become seriously ill. That said, I think
there’s a lot of utility in things such as wearing sunscreen if you anticipate
being exposed to the sun for a prolonged period of time, to making sure that your
vaccinations are up-to-date to exercising regularly and following a diet that’s
conducive to your nutrition needs so you can maintain a healthy weight and to
follow up with your doctor on a regular basis.

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