Interactive Floor Magic Carpet in Rehabilitation Center in Lędzinach/Poland

Visit in the Education and Rehabilitation Center in Lędzin/Poland Rehabilitation and education of the students The center is for the children which are obliged to continue education The children have minor and deep mental problems How is the Magic Carpet received by the students and therapists? In general, the Magic Carpet is something totally new and they like it very much for games and play Always there is a question: Are we going to use magic Carpet during the lesson? When they know that there new games available, they are very happy Correct follow up of instructions Observation Motivation to cooperate Developing high motility How does working with the Magic Carpet look like? Alway I try do open children imagination. For example, I have a boy, who has unbelievable impresive imagination This imagination is based on the movies and games. So he excellent enters in every game like water He imagines ships, fishing Really funtastic to observe it After all, I imagine with children the the world experience classroom underwter world than I can stimulate children Variety of movement exercises Relaxing functions Using the Magic Carpet at work by F. Affolter methodology I keep the children hands as they can not use them by themselves We work togeteher to achieve results When we catch ballons I keep child hand and we play together

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