Inspiring Story about Structural Pain, Lyme Disease and Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Stow, OH.

Hi I’m Dr. Besso here so I am with a
patient Maria that’s going to share her success story with y’all so tell us just
a little bit about what you’re going through when you first came in. Yes, so
when I first came in I was in treatment and still AM for late stage Lyme and
co-infections I had been infected for about 20 years
so gotten my brain spinal cord and other organs and the symptoms are neurological
in nature sort of anything you can think of like mood issues, pain, brain fog I
came in specifically with that diagnosis and that treatment but came in for more
structural issues I mean you name it from here to here,
lots of pain so coming in just thinking I was going to address that part
separately and they actually turned out that as we were going through the
process and it’s been helping me with my Lyme treatment as well I’m making my
Lyme treatment easier. Right, okay because we see a lot of people with Lyme and
at one time I think it was very compounding like how how could a
treatment to the neck effect you know affect Lyme disease our hope you with
Lyme. So Lyme will cause inflammation in the brain so there’s infections going on
that will cause inflammation and then even with good treatment as you called
it you called it die-off yeah right so they’ll be though they’ll be toxins
releasing from the brain and then they and that’s a good thing to get them out
of the cells but if there’s a problem in the neck and there’s evidence to show
that a misalignment in the Atlas can affect blood flow and cerebrospinal
fluid flow from the brain cerebral spinal fluid bathes your brain and
clears toxins so if these toxins have accumulated you know it like somebody
with Lyme so sometimes you might even feel worse when you’re going through
treatment. Yes.. traditional Lyme treatment but and then you started to call our treatment..
the ‘brain drain’ everytime I come in, knowing my Lyme disease
is neurological, I do deal with physical neurological symptoms, but also some
psychological.. nothing that I’ve had to be medicated for but.. right as the toxins
build up I feel anxiety, I felt some depression you know an occasion I just
felt like so so down in the dumps where I thought I’d never get better and
hopeless and when I come or I can’t regular brain fog or just can’t focus
and then when I come and get adjusted by the end of the day all of that has sort
of kind of washed away I’m calmer and then the people in my life are also
happier as well because I’m not as anxious actually have something written down
where it says when you feel this bad in my planner it says when you feel this
time call for an adjustment so we adjust and realign the neck, the cerebral
spinal fluid flow, blood flows better we drain your brain and I can tell that
that’s what it’s actually doing it’s not something else that’s
making me feel right so I wrote it down rightm just as a reminder.. Great, well
thank you for sharing

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