Inside The Royal Ballet Healthcare Suite

The facilities at The Royal Ballet are similar to what you might imagine in a Premiership football club. We have a very good gym with a lot of weight equipment, which you wouldn’t expect to find in a dance company. We have a small rehabilitation studio And we also have physiotherapy and massage therapy. It’s the full supply of facilities for the dancer. We also have some other interesting additions such as Pilates or gyrotonic training which creates complex movement patterns for the dancer to come back from injury. In the healthcare suite, my role involves working with dancers recovering from injury. So there’s really two mechanisms of injuries for the dancers here. First is acute or accidental and the second is through fatigue or overuse. When you’re asking the dancers to challenge their bodies in such an extreme way with lifts and turns and very complex movements accidents are going to happen. In the Healthcare Suite I mainly use the physio and the gym at the moment. I’ve currently got a hip injury. I’ve found that specific exercises to support that area. It’s important for me because now there’s so much choice here. If I’m feeling a bit tight or my body is feeling a bit squashed I can come and use the gyrotonics machine to lengthen. If I’m feeling like I need a little bit more strength or balance work I can come and use the Pilates equipment and be instructed that way. I can also use the gym if I’ve got a big partnering role coming up I can build myself up that way. If you don’t have such a busy day You can push yourself and work a bit harder. You can come in and just do an extra warm up before a performance If you’ve had a break from between class and you want to get your body going again, It’s great to come in here. [Physio: Stay long, scoup and come back in] The Healthcare Suite is really important for The Royal Ballet because it allows the dancers to have a long and successful and full career. And it also helps us to give them the tools that they can take through later life so that they can also end their career at The Royal Ballet fit and healthy and well. Rehab is so, so important I really learnt the difference and impact it has. The Healthcare Suite is so important for dancers It’s there as a support for a dancer really And we’re so lucky to have this on site.

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  1. Bravo!
    Great to see nowadays dancers are respected when injuries occur. In MARGOT'S and RUDY days you went home and soaked in a tub with Epsom Salts.

  2. That's absolutely wonderful to see. I teach Pilates and Gyrotonic, and I wish I knew of that when I was dancing, they are a must for elite movers.

  3. I'm not a dancer and have only had the opportunity to see a very few ballets live in my life and I'm 60 ( I live in quite a remote area)…… But being retired now I have lots of time to study things( online) that I'm interested in and ballet has turned out to be one of those subjects that just fascinates….so this series from the Royal Opera house has been especially welcome. I knew dancers worked very very hard but this series of videos has been just so informative and instructional… I've love to everyone and learnt so much thank you you've made me really happy.

  4. i'm a physiotherapist in denver and former ballet dancer- i find this very inspirational! thank you roh for supporting your artists this way!

  5. It's the least they deserve! These dancers are used to the hilt. Fine when you're in top form but very easy to overuse the body to the point you are no longer of use to the company…this is not privilege, it's a basic right for classical dancers who are required always to be on top form.

  6. Very Nice. Is an antigravity room too important…..since its winter…and perhaps low sealevel. All you might need is an elevation of several feet and a 3 foot floor mat to fall or rest on. In other words, you're trying to release joints a little….and remove their weight barring for a little….bit. You had that in the past….only issue many take to flexing their back….not sure if that's a natural pose most assume with no gravity.

  7. Great video, Royal Opera House. It is indeed of great importance to show all the labor envolved for a ballet presentation. Ballet is a real difficult art and requires a lot of sacrifice and hard work.

  8. I'm not a dancer but am recovering from my lower back going out and spasms, so strong I couldn't turn over in bed let alone get out of bed. I wonder how they deal with things like that.

  9. Ballet dancers are the ultimate athletes. As a fan of all dance, and an osteopath, I applaud that these dancers are being so well looked after.

  10. A good  Chiropractic Doctor would  strongly benefit the  ballet's health care team. I know this from years of experience  Merde

  11. This is such a great.facility. i don't think it's at all strange for dancers to use weights – good for rehab but also good for building strength for partnering.

  12. damn homie making sweet LOVE to that machine.
    Edward Watson: putting the GYRATING in gyrotonics since 2016.

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