Inside The Nation’s Most Advanced Cancer Hospital

>>NARRATOR: At more than a million square
feet, the new James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute at Ohio State is the third
largest cancer hospital in the U.S., and it’s among the first to dedicate entire units to
battling specific forms of cancer.>>DR. Michael Caligiuri: Each floor is unique,
because of the 21 floors, each one’s gonna have a particular type of cancer, and we’ll
have physicians there that treat just that type of cancer.>>NARRATOR: The second floor, in fact, is
an architectural feat. It’s home to one of two radiation oncology centers in the U.S.
that are two stories up. Most are built underground, but here on the second floor, patients, families,
and staff have outdoor views overlooking a park. Sunlight has been shown to have a positive
impact on recovery. It’s a theme, in fact, for the entire building, which sits at a perfect
angle to provide sunlight in every patient room, but not on the patient. The most unique
feature isn’t about the building, but who’s in it. Each floor includes patient rooms,
education centers, and research space side-by-side. The idea is to provide interactions that inspire.>>CALIGIURI: I think this kind of integration
of research with the patient care right on the floor is really the future where all hospitals
will want to be. Because it’s becoming much, much easier to take that work on the laboratory
bench and bring it to the patient. It’s a lot quicker, a lot faster.>>NARRATOR: The hospital’s focus is on precision
cancer care, meaning doctors will use genetic testing to develop individualized therapies
for each and every patient.>>DR. SAMEEK ROYCHOWDHURY: We’re always thinking
about the patients that we’re trying to help. When you’re doing translational research that’s
connected to someone, you’re gonna work that much harder and be that much more dedicated.>>NARRATOR: It may be one of the biggest cancer
hospitals in the country, but doctors here say attention to the smallest details is what
really sets it apart. At Ohio State’s James Cancer Hospital and
Solove Research Institute, this is Clark Powell reporting.

2 thoughts on “Inside The Nation’s Most Advanced Cancer Hospital

  1. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    My grandmother is at this hospital right now they take great care of her and gave us a great view of the columbus metro . They nearly cured her cancer. Great job to the staff and students at the James!!!

  2. I am a 2 year cancer survivor thanks to the James. All the wonderful Drs., nurses, and everyone in between have gotten me here. I "Survived Cancer by a Nose"…..thanks to all of them!!

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