Inside Look | The Mayo Clinic: Faith – Hope – Science | PBS

(upbeat music) – Hi. – [Man] Good to see you. (clapper clapping) – Ken Burns came bursting into my room and posed the question if we would be willing to do this film about the Mayo Clinic. – It was almost 150 years ago that three country doctors were brought together with
a group of Catholic nuns. – After a tornado Sister Alred Moes helped W.W. Mayo Provide care to the seriously injured
people in the town. Rising out of that was this partnership. – [Christopher] It grew
into one of the largest and the most prestigious medical
institutions on the planet. – The statement that the
Mayos live and breathe by is the needs of the patient come first. – We felt so much empathy and compassion at Mayo Clinic. They were not afraid to
look at your suffering and to empathize. – We filmed over 120 days
at the various campuses. – Filming the operations was
such an eye opening experience. We had to scrub in. The nurses would say in the
surgical rooms if it’s blue don’t touch it. – I had never filmed surgery before. I equate it with a ballet. It was pretty amazing pretty fascinating. – What a privilege it was to see such skilled people
open up a human being, stop a heart, repair it and then have it come
back and beat perfectly. I think this film has an opportunity to convey to people that
health care is about care.

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