Inside CHERNOBYL RADIOACTIVE Basement Prypjat Hospital- Firefighter Clothes

In the basement of the hospital there is still the original clothing of the firefighters, who were called to the operation at that time. We’re going to take a look at these firefighters’ clothes. The reason for this suit is that these… clothes are very heavily contaminated. You have to imagine that 29 years ago there were people in there. All right, I’ll start the second camera and then we’ll get started. As you can see, we are measuring about 0.5 µSv/h. And there it is. 0.4 µSv/h It’s increasing. Now we already have 1.452 µSv/h. 2.271 µSv/h. 14.59 µSv/h. Alarm of personal dosimeters
->Exceeding the alarm threshold And here you can see a firefighter’s suit, for example. 154.0 µSv/h. 129.9 µSv/h. 79.74 µSv/h 866.8 µSv/h. Switching to mSv/h.
1 mSv=1000µSv=approx. 10.000 times higher 2.617 mSv/h 1 mSv=1000µSv=approx. 10.000 times higher And now you have to imagine that people wore these shoes 3.300 mSv/h And here are many, many more things. 188.0 µSv/h 355.9 µSv/h The background radiation here is over 400 µSv/h. That is about 4,000 times higher than normal. The firefighter’s clothes were brought into this room. And here you can see the firefighter’s clothes from the people who were in the nuclear reactor. 618.0 µSv/h Now it’s time to get out of here. What have we got here? Usually, everything gets stolen. But here everything is still there. It’s time to go. * unintelligible * There is the elevator. Camera: Gerrit Schmitz 2nd Camera: an invisible friend Music: Kevin MacLeod
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100 thoughts on “Inside CHERNOBYL RADIOACTIVE Basement Prypjat Hospital- Firefighter Clothes

  1. Joojoo Bears
    I wanna know the after effects the radiation exposure the camera guy got for hovering his bare hands over the firefighter boots and being the the room with all the discarded clothing? 😷

  2. Me:- What is gonna happen to to boy?

    Legasov :- At the levels he is exposed to ? Ionizing radiation tears the cellular structure apart. The skin blisters, turns red, then black. This is followed by a latency period. The immediate effects subside. The patient appears to be recovering. Healthy, even. But they aren't. This usually only lasts for a day to two.

    Me: (coughs)continue

    Legasov: Then the cellular damage begins to manifest. The bone marrow dies, the immune system fails, the organs and soft tissue begin to decompose. The arteries and veins spill open like sieves, to the point where you can't even administer morphine for the pain, which is unimaginable. And then three days to three weeks, you are dead. That is what will happen to the boy

  3. I get goosebumps every single time when I see a picture or a video of Chernobyl. Think about that firefighter who was wearing that shoe, about that nurse who put that blood bucket in that room, about their wives and children, people are running over and there. Please god don't do this to anyone anymore.

  4. Maybe one of the fire fighters pocketed a chunk of graphite for a souvenir…you should check all the pockets.

  5. Being in there for 10 minutes means he absorbed ~ 66 uSv (400uSv/h ÷ 60 = 6.6uSv/m *10 = 66 uSv ), that is about the same level of radiation you would get from an intercontinental flight (of about 4000km). 66 uSv it is still an approximation, because you have to take into account that he wasn't exposed to a full body dose, so the absorbed radiation might have been even lower. So it was not harmful for him to be in there for a brief period of time, even without wearing protective gear

  6. I don't understand this shit, why has he not wearing a full haz suite? his face and hands are exposed so therefore will he not like……die?

    People in Chernobyl 30 years ago had better protection that what he has got on now…..

  7. Wtf, no hazard suit, just some clothes and no gloves or eye protection.
    You are dying on less than 6 years, stupid…

  8. all those nuclear bullets have already penetrated the body of the video maker. might already be dead by decomposition of skin tissue and blood loss.

  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but when your dosimeter starts screaming, doesn't that mean you're meant to run the heck away?

  10. I'm wondering whose of the firefighters that boot with 3.5mSv was. Because other equipment wasn't that highly contaminated.

  11. Yo this idiot has just fucking wrecked himself and his future family tree if he lives long enough to have kids

  12. Do not forget-it's real people clothes.People that did really great things for all mankind an buried under the mass of concrete

  13. The actually buried the fire fighters by putting them in a metal casket, welding it shut, putting them deep in the ground, and put cement on top to stop radiation.

  14. He probably DIED from not having proper clothing, and even still then you would get irradiated. Never come to Chernobyl kids.

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  16. This guy it must be dead. Yes 3.300 mS/h. Wich by the way is not equivalent to a X-ray of the chest, but four Thousand x-rays of the chest.

  17. 당신들은 죽음을 각오하고 한계치의 방사능을 뒤집어쓰면서도 시민의 생명.. 아니 전인류를 방사능의 위험으로부터 지켜줬습니다 감사합니다 당신들은 아직도 전인류가 오래도록 기억되어야할 진정한 영웅들입니다

  18. I was worried about the comments that say he hasn’t posted in like a year, checked his channel, he’s uploaded something a month ago so he’s doing ok.
    Also not that concerned about him since he only seems to upload like 1-3 times a year, lmao. Him disappearing for a year seems like a routine for his upload schedule.
    Not doubting that he left that building with at LEAST major nausea though, he really should be wearing more than a painters outfit!

  19. Für sowas bitte eine Bodensonde nehmen, wenn Du einen kleinen Brocken hochaktives Material erwischst, hast Du isolierte Körperdosisleistungen unter den Füßen, die absolut nicht mehr gesund sind.

  20. 3.6 Roentgens = 36000 microsievert per hour (μSv/hour)

    2.7 μSv/h avg Natural background radiation at airline cruise altitude

  21. proceeds to go inside.
    geiger counter: beeps heavily.
    this guy: ok. its time to get out of here.
    this guy: ok im already outside.
    geiger counter: STILL BEEPS.

  22. The dose required for exposure to radiation disease (deterministic effects) is approximately 400 mSv, but must be a single dose. Lethal dose varies by individual, but is reported to be 4 Sv or more.

  23. after watching Chernobyl by HBO and this video, i can be damn sure about 2 things: you no need to die to know how hell looks like – THIS is hell itself; and i wont stay in there even 1s, even if someone pay me billion dollars or whatever for going and staying in that place

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