Inside ADVENT Patient Clinic with Dr. Ethan Handler

It’s been a couple rough winters from a
standpoint of having young kids in the house and just everybody always being
sick and and I started having a lot of sinus symptoms and and what would be a
chronic sinusitis where there’s just kind of constant pressure and never
feeling like I’m breathing that well so I recently underwent office-based
Balloon Sinuplasty the pressure relief from the procedure itself for me was
pretty instant and going home that night being able to start draining some of
that stuff out made a world of difference for me and I came to work the
next day feeling like a new person headaches were gone only nine days out
it’s I breathe better it’s just a different sensation of relief in my nose
even sleeping you know I would also still get that alternate congestion I
talk about this a lot with patients that you know people who are side sleepers
the downsides always seems plugged and the upside seems relieved and then you
flip and you get this alternating congestion and I have gotten relief from that you know I’ve noticed there are some mornings I’ve been waking up now
especially where I’m breathing freely from both sides of my nose which is just
not an experience I had before and you know I see a lot of patients who suffer and
they suffer for many many years whether it be from sinus infections or
pressure or headaches um nasal congestion so I think it really helps me to
empathize with with what they’re experiencing because now I have been on
the other side and have a sense about should it was two days of headaches for
me and I was like I got to do something but it makes me even feel more inspired
about trying to get patients in here and be like hey there’s something you can do
when you don’t need to skip off on work or burn a week a vacation um you know to
get get treated and feel better. Because your quality of your life matters. Advanced, Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialists,

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