Inside a Drug Detention Center

At the Somsanga Treatment Center in Vientiane, in Laos, people are held all day long they’re not provided any treatment, they’re not provided much food, they’re behind locked doors, high walls, and
barbed wire fences. This is not a treatment center. They’re putting people in the center who are homeless, who are beggars, who are street children, and they’re using this center not as an effective treatment center but as
a dumping ground for people that they don’t want to see on the streets. Donors should be supporting community
alternatives; clinics, counseling, support centers, that can provide
effective treatment. Holding people against their will, without legal process, is against both Lao and international human rights law
. This center needs to be shut down.

13 thoughts on “Inside a Drug Detention Center

  1. US should stop supporting Laos…that is more like animal cruelty! How can they treat their own people like dogs! Lock them up in a barb wired fence. International Human right should step in and help these people!

  2. wow, worst video ever. And what do you suggest to do? Put down the wall and wires so they can run away and start drugging themselves to death? and then come back to claim for food and shelter, then go out back again to get drugs and sell drugs? You shut down this facilty dude and you get more prostitute, more drugs addict, more everything. It might not be the best facilities in the world as you might know south east asia dont have as much funding as americain for these center. Think pls.

  3. Don't forget that Laos is one of the poorest country in the world so don't expect 5 star facility with high knowlegdable doctors and psychiatrist to support our people like other countries does. If you know Laos history ( wich I highly doubt) we have been the center of war from Thailang, China, Japan, French, American and vietnam and we were oppress by all sides with no real support, only pain and suffrance. What we have today is better then nothing. Know the LAO history before you talk dude.

  4. @SaoLaoSD please tell me Sao Lao, are you putting a judgment on a slideshow on this video? Bcz you see few pics you think it's cruelty? And what do you think will happend if we let em out? huh, think. You think if they go back out to take drugs ( probably die ) or sell drugs to other kids ( wow isnt that great! ) do you think that will help anyone? And last, are saying that Americain treat their people failry? Invading Irak, Guantanamo Bay detention in Cuba just to name a few huh. Pls think.

  5. hers an american talkin about the bad conditions at a drug detention center lets talk aswell about the people who live in america who cant afford to go to hospital

  6. thats just an excuse tpyical lao people. what country dont have war with their neighbors in their history every country did and have. lao goverment just to stupid and lazy to do anything to make laos better. japan had 2 atomic bomb drop on them and look at them now far higher then laos will ever achieve because they have no corruption within their goverment. laos wars with thailand china vietnam were like 100yrs ago and virtnam war laos was nothing compare to vietnam had to go through.

  7. really dont know your history buddy. Japan were instigators. Japan invaded Burma, China, Indochina, the Philippines, Malaysia, Manchuria, Wake Island, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Aleutians, killed around 20 millions chineses, japan lost 3 millions. Can you make the math? attack US Pearl Harbor ( bad move ),so are we questioning why they got bombeb? pls. Lao was a victim, not instigators. BIG difference. I dont like to compare wars. That a "typical" excuse for no "i dont know history".

  8. dude your stupid this isnt about who right who wrong in war point is japan got 2 atomic bomb dumbass compare to laos mickie mouse bomb they got drop on during vietnam war. japan is 3 largiest economy in the world while laos is dead last or near last. i wasnt talking about who deserve to be bomb or who started war or who victim. the point was laos lao people always make excuse why their poor and their not develope. excuser will always make excuse. singapore malaysia had it bad ww2 look @ them now

  9. but the thing is that the people in the video would probably be way better off on the streets than in that craphole

  10. ▬▬► Hi friеnds. If уou or a lоvеd onе nееds hеlр with drugs oоr аlcoоoоhol аddiсtiоn CАLL ►►► 1-888-966-2616 (Toll-Free)
    Dоn't wait until its tоо lаtееe wherе thеrе is lifеeеe therе is hореe реаce аnd bleeееssings!

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