Inpatient Rehabilitation Video

– Hello. I am Dr. Antoine Abel
and I’m a Board Certified physiatrist here at TriStar Southern Hills Medical Center. I specialize in physical
medicine and rehabilitation. As the medical director, I will coordinate with the entire team of
hospital-based physicians, nurses, therapists and case managers to help you achieve the
best possible outcomes. I look forward to working
with you and your family. – Hi, my name is Melanie. I’m the Nurse Manager at
Inpatient Rehabilitation Center at TriStar Southern Hills. We have a great team who works together to provide the best care and
recovery for our patients. Here, we have occupational
therapy that will focus on everyday tasks such
as bathing, dressing, walking and to go get the mail. Also we have speech
therapists that focus on improving speech and communication as well as cognitive and memory skills. We have experienced rehab
nurses to provide 24 hour care. They work with the patient to
reach their therapeutic goals. Case management also
works with the patient to meet all their discharge needs. Any medical equipment, and
also any therapy needed after discharge. We work together to prepare our patients to return home and to the community. I look forward to meeting you. – Hi, my name is Tracy and
I’m a physical therapist at Southern Hills Inpatient Rehab. We wanna make sure that
the family is educated and well prepared for the level that the patient’s gonna be functioning once they go home. We start working on things
like getting in and out of bed, getting on and off the toilet, standing up from a chair,
getting down to a chair, and then we eventually
progress to gait training, so we use an appropriate assistive device such as a walker or a hemi-walker, or if the patient is
well-balanced, we can progress to nothing at all. The look on their face when
we get up for the first time is priceless, and it’s the most
rewarding thing in my life.

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