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(light piano music) – [Narrator] The sooner
you begin rehabilitation, the faster you will recover. The Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Program at Parkridge Medical Center, is the only hospital based rehabilitation facility in the area. This provides our
patients with easy access to the full spectrum of hospital services, including imaging, coordinated medical treatment, respiratory specialists, and wound care nurses. Our licensed therapists
initiate contact with you upon a physicians request for evaluation. This meeting is the
beginning of a relationship that will last until you are discharged. Our rehabilitation team is
with you every step of the way. Our commitment to
individualized patient care distinguishes our Acute
Inpatient Rehabilitation Program from other area facilities. During one on one meetings
with your therapist, you will set goals for
activities or functions you would like to achieve
before you return home. Our team of rehabilitation specialists guides you throughout the process, establishing caring relationships with you and your family members. We believe that hospitals
don’t heal people, people do. And we are committed to
providing holistic care that heals the body, mind, and spirit. Rehabilitation is a team effort. That’s why our experts in medicine, nursing, and physical, occupational, and speech therapy, meet regularly to discuss your progress. Physical therapy is a critical part of the rehabilitation process. Our goal is to always return
you to the highest level of functional ability possible. Occupational therapy is essential
to restoring life skills. We work hard to help you
achieve an optimal level of independence. Speech therapy is an integral part of the rehabilitation process. The abilities to swallow, communicate, and mentally process information are vital to your full recovery. We are committed to exceeding
your expectations every time through collaborative,
patient-centered care, we work with you to help you achieve your rehabilitation goals. The Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Program at Parkridge Medical Center is committed to the care and
improvement of human life. It’s our privilege to
be a part of your care and your journey back to independence. For more information about The Acute Inpatient
Rehabilitation Program at Parkridge Medical Center, please call our clinical
rehabilitation specialist at (423) 785-7400.

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