Inpatient Rehabilitation Institute

[Narrator] If you or your loved one has lost
physical independence or are hospitalized due to a stroke, traumatic,
injury or a condition where you’re just not ready to go home, Inpatient
Rehabilitation may be the best choice. Medical City Dallas Rehabilitation
Institute is a comprehensive program with a dedicated team of doctors, nurses,
case managers and rehabilitation therapists. We are committed to helping
you get back to daily activities. – We understand that choosing where to
receive inpatient rehabilitation care can be a difficult and confusing
decision. We hope that this video will help you make the right choice for
you or your loved ones. [Narrator] Under the guidance of our board-certified physical medicine
and rehabilitation physician, our team will evaluate and customize a plan of
care based on every individual’s specific diagnosis, needs and personal
goals. We perform one-on-one treatment by licensed physical occupational and
speech therapists, with a minimum of 15 hours of skilled therapy a week. Many
members of our team hold advanced certification in rehab and rehab nursing.
Our program offers patients and their families a professional, relaxed
environment with an organized systematic approach to recovery. Family presence is
always welcome and encouraged as part of the rehab process. Our 33 bed
comprehensive acute rehabilitation unit is part of Medical City Dallas, a hospital nationally recognized for nursing
excellence. As a designated comprehensive Stroke Center, stroke patients can feel
confident that they’re being provided care according to national quality
standards. Our rehab unit has spacious, all private rooms. – Looks like you have
occupational therapy at 3 o’clock. [Narrator] A dining and activities
room encourages socialization, and is an important step towards
independence. Our therapy gym includes high-quality exercise equipment. – So push up from the chair – Interactive technology to help patients regain mobility and function. As we’re
located at Medical City Dallas Hospital, our patients have fast and direct access
to all of the resources available. These include advanced diagnostic
imaging, laboratory services and respiratory therapy. Your current team of
physicians and specialists are available for ongoing consultation
for continuity of care. – We are proud to introduce the new Rehabilitation Institute at Medical
City Dallas. We are excited about our patient outcomes and our positive
patient feedback. Our goal is to restore your functional independence. (Medical City Dallas

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