Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospitals: The Best Setting for Stroke Recovery

There is no comparison, in our mind, to
the outcomes when you send somebody to a rehab unit versus a SNF. Our stroke
patients really do great in our acute rehab. It’s three-plus hours of therapy,
seven days a week, and they make very very great strides. They really really do
well. Stroke patients, you know, it’s most ideal for them to be an IRF setting versus a SNF because you get the most therapy here, you know, and the best
outcomes. In this setting you see the patients at the beginning of their
journey and when you have a stroke that first month of treatment is the most
important. You see the most recovery. It’s awesome to see the progress from day one to the very end — very rewarding. The patient with any deficit from stroke
would definitely need an inpatient rehab setting because you have a basically a
one-to-one staffing ratio where there’s rounding hourly that occurs on our unit. It’s huge — it’s life-changing for many of these people, so that’s the role of rehab.

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  1. I had a stroke two and a half years ago in Victoria, BC. I exercise for two and a half hour every day. I tried to see a neurologist at the hospital but no luck. I want to kno why I had a stroke. I can't use the right side of my body. I can walk but with a limp. Maybe I could go to the State's for treatment because I'm not getting it here.

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