Inpatient Rehabilitation for Cardiac Patients

Hi, I’m Deb Campbell. I’m the Therapy Director at Northern Colorado
Rehabilitation and Long Term Acute Care. February is National Heart Health Month and
here at our hospital we take care of patients that have many different types of cardiac
diagnoses including COPD, congestive heart failure, bypass surgery. What we do here is help people get back to
their skills of daily living, and also regain their strength and endurance and treat any
medical conditions that might be occurring at the same time. Our therapy team consists of physical therapist,
occupational therapists, and speech language pathologists. In addition to that, we also have respiratory
therapists, nurses and physicians on staff here, so we can manage all your medical care needs. Many times after experiencing a heart attack
or other cardiac event, people don’t have enough strength or endurance in order to get
up and get out of bed, or just take care of their basic self-care needs, such as going
into the bathroom and brushing their teeth. Because of that, that’s why people would come
to our hospital. What sets us apart is we have a great team
of compassionate and caring individuals who really look at each patient and meet them
where they’re at in their recovery process. I know this not only as a director of the
therapy department, but also I am a heart attack survivor and did go through the experience
of a 12-week cardiac rehabilitation program. If you’d like more information about our facility
or our services, please give us a call.

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