Inpatient Rehabilitation Center

hello and welcome to the inpatient rehabilitation center here at Florida Hospital your physician and care team feel that you may benefit from the highest level of therapeutic treatment to helping your recovery and allow you to get back home we offer an intensive in hospital program designed to train and educate you and your family on how to maximize your recovery our program is one of a few accredited by the Commission of accreditation of rehabilitation facilities which validates the quality of the service we provide we specialize in the whole person care of patients who’ve suffered a stroke or brain injury and also offer comprehensive care for a variety of diagnoses we have two locations at Florida Hospital Orlando and at Winter Park Memorial Hospital admission to each facility is determined by your specific needs and bed availability upon your arrival you’ll be settled into your room by our exceptional team the majority of our rooms are semi-private and you’ll likely have a roommate who often can provide peer support in your recovery you and your family will be asked to be an active part of the care plan and to aid this you’ll be provided a rehabilitation workbook to keep a log of questions medications progress made and education along your journey in order to promote an environment of comfort and independence we want you to wear your own clothing and we ask that you or your family bring a week supply of comfortable clothing such as sleepwear and sneakers to be worn throughout your stay please bring these items with you when you arrive you’ll be assigned a specialty trained rehabilitation physician who will lead and direct your care team they will request any additional physicians to follow you during your rehabilitation stay and to aid in your medical care now during your first day you’ll meet a large group of passionate team members dedicated to assisting you in your recovery that team will assess your needs and together with you and your family determine the best plan to work towards your highest level of Independence and return home a typical day in the rehabilitation center begins around 7 a.m. you’ll receive a schedule of the day’s plan for your therapy and activities you’ll have a minimum of three hours of scheduled therapy sessions broken up throughout the day to get your day started part of your rehabilitation includes training in becoming as independent as possible in activities of daily living such as eating grooming bathing dressing and so forth the rehabilitation nurses will reinforce the training you received in therapy throughout your stay allowing for plenty of time to practice most of your therapy sessions will occur in the gym where therapists will work with you on things like balance mobility transfers walking swallowing communication safety or in any other deficit that you might have as a result of your illness or injury our goal is to strengthen and retrain you to the highest functional level and we expect family to join you during your treatments so they can be trained in how to care and support you in your recovery as you continue to improve your treatment session will incorporate more challenging settings which may include traveling outside over different surfaces and encountering potentially crowded public areas again all of our activities are designed to best prepare you for home and return to your community now outside of your scheduled therapy times we encourage you to stay out of your room and build your endurance by utilizing our activity rooms this room offers a large dining area computers with internet connections TVs and couches for you to relax with family and friends if you’re like most people you probably want to know how long you’ll need to be in the rehabilitation center before going home well this time frame is actually unique to you and your needs during the first few days of your stay with us our care manager will arrange for a family day that’s a time for us to discuss with you and your family the results of our evaluations and your progress and a tentative target date for your return home will also be set an average rehabilitation stay lasts about two weeks but again it could be shorter or longer depending on your specific needs family day is also a time to discuss any expected discharge equipment needs or services your family will be asked to bring in pictures and measurements of your home environment to help the rehabilitation staff simulate this in training and then to advise you unneeded equipment or home modifications let me finish by saying how grateful we are that you’re considering us in your journey to health wellness and function by focusing on your abilities we’re able to create a supportive and caring environment in which you can actively progress every day toward that goal of returning home our world-class team of experts are prepared to help you achieve the highest level of recovery possible should you have any questions or if you’d like an in-person tour of our facility prior to your stay please contact our admissions team at 407 303 five six eight eight

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