Inpatient Rehabilitation Center Tour – Reston Hospital Center

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] We are
really excited to announce our opening of our 18 bed rehab unit. All the rooms are private. They have pull-out sofas so that the family members
can stay overnight, stay the entire stay if they’d like to. This rehab unit has a
real spa-like feel to it. All the construction is brand new. We have the latest and
greatest technologies in our rehab gym. The unit’s laid out in a way that the nursing stations are central to the patient locations. There’s two nursing stations on each opposite end of the unit. We have every bit of the
latest and greatest technology. We even have a full-scale ADL apartment. ADL apartment’s a full-scale
fully functioning apartment. It’s got a washer and dryer so the patient can test their skills that they would need when
they transition back home to live safely. There’s even a stove and a working range, microwave, sink, you name
it we’ve thought of it.

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