Inpatient Rehabilitation Center Gym Tour – Reston Hospital Center

(bright music) – Good morning and welcome to Reston’s state-of-the-art inpatient
rehabilitation gym. I’m Dana, I’m one of
the physical therapists on the team here who will be helping you get back to life and get
home as quick as possible. We have a lot of great equipment here. We have beautiful treatment
mats that can go up and down for your particular height. We have a ZeroG track so we can work on walking and balance activities safely without a risk of falling. We have the Bioness BITS,
it’s not turned on right now, but it is a great visual motor system that is really fun and interactive to help work on improving your balance and coordination and vision and cognition. Next in the gym we’ve
got a lovely treadmill, an arm bike, a NuStep to
work on cardio training. This is a very nice mobile arm support that we can use to help you move your arm when it is a little too
weak to move on its own. In addition to a standing
frame for those people who are working on the
basics coming up to standing. We’re definitely the people to help you get back to your activities, as well. We’re really lucky to have
a quiet treatment room if you need less distractions
for your recovery. And we have a virtual reality
system, which is very fun, to help simulate some
community activities. These are our parallel
bars that we can use to do standing activities,
balance, and walking. And last but not least,
we have the Sable ReJoyce, and this is a gaming system that helps with different fine motor activities that you would be doing at home
and it makes it really fun. We also have our Bioness in here, so this is an
electrical stimulation unit that helps with walking
and it also can help with the hand and wrist, as well. And, tons more fun stuff,
so for more information, visit (bright music)

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