Inpatient Rehabilitation Center ADA Apartment Tour – Reston Hospital Center

(music) – Hey guys, my name is Ayesha, I’m one of the occupational
therapists at Reston Hospital Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit. Welcome to our ADL, Activities
of Daily Living, unit. This is set up to simulate
your home environment to make sure that you guys are comfortable doing the things that you would
be doing on a daily basis. Such as getting in and out
of bed and making a bed, sitting out of regular
chairs, and also things like laundry, cooking,
maybe cooking your therapist some cookies. Also we have a bathroom
that has a tub in it to help make sure that you are able to get in and out of your bathroom
as safely as possible. This is designed to make
sure that we get you home as safe and independent as possible. We are here to help
you achieve your goals. Thanks for listening, and
visit for more information.

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