Inpatient Rehabilitation at TriStar Horizon Medical Center

(upbeat music) – Here at TriStar Horizon Medical Center, our rehabilitation unit
values the relationship we have with our patients and families. From admission to after
you’re discharged home, we care about your recovery. TriStar Horizon’s Inpatient
Rehabilitation Unit is certified by the Joint Commission for our stroke rehab program, and specializes in treating patients with orthopedic injuries,
neurological disorders, brain injuries, amputations,
spinal cord injuries, and other debilitating injuries. We offer 12 private
rooms for our patients, and we are conveniently located within the hospital of TriStar
Horizon Medical Center, giving our patients access to
hospital staff and resources. Our treatment team is led
by our Medical Directors, Dr. Shah and Dr. Faisal, and includes physical,
occupational, and speech therapy with a supporting nursing staff
that are all rehab trained. Each patient is assigned
a social worker who, from admission, will be assisting our
patients and caregivers with their discharge needs. We thank you for allowing
us the opportunity to care for you and your loved one during this time in your life, as it is our pleasure to
care for your rehab needs. – My name is Jody, I’m an
Occupational Therapist. I think my number one goal
is that I want the patient to return back home, in the community, and continue to thrive and
have a quality of life. We take for granted
being able to eat a meal, or brush our teeth, until we get into a position where we’re no longer able to do it. I’ve had many patients over the years say I can’t, I can’t do this. And I tell them we’re not
trying to climb a mountain in one day. Every day, we wanna do a little bit more than we did the day before. Here, we’re gonna see that progress daily, and to be able to work with that patient and see them going from
being able to do nothing, to being able to do
everything for themself, that is truly priceless. – My name’s Sara, and
I’m a Physical Therapist. The moment for me that
really made me realize what I do is important and matters was working with a younger guy
who had a spinal cord injury and couldn’t walk. He couldn’t move when he came in, and my last day working with him, we walked like a hundred feet. He cried. To see that, I went home that day and felt like I did something
that made a difference. I think our team does a really good job at providing the best level of care across all of our
disciplines for our patients, and I think that’s very evident in the outcomes and the results we get. I mean, our patients are family, and you know that when a patient leaves, we’re all gonna be standing
at the end of the hall while they walk out the
door and ring the bell, meaning they’ve graduated
and they’ve gained the functional independence to go home. It makes it something enjoyable to do, and something I love to do. (upbeat music)

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