Inpatient Rehabilitation at Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital

Highlands’ inpatient rehabilitation hospital
program provides a broad range of therapeutic services to meet the individualized strengths,
culture needs, age requirements, abilities, and preferences for each person served. Typical diagnoses treated in the general rehabilitation program include major multiple trauma, orthopedics disorder, Guillain-Barré Syndrome, neuromuscular diseases,
multiple sclerosis, polyneuromyopathy, limb amputations, arthritis, debility, medically
complex, and burn injuries. The goal of our rehabilitation program focuses
on enabling patients to return to a safe and independent lifestyle within their usual home,
community, and work environment, in an appropriate timeframe, whenever possible. Treatment is provided by an experienced team,
which includes a rehabilitation medicine physician, physical therapist, occupational therapist,
nursing staff, pharmacists, and discharge planner. For top quality inpatient rehabilitation,
choose Highlands’ inpatient rehabilitation center. Our comprehensive, integrated inpatient rehabilitation
program is accredited by CARF, so you know we meet international standards of quality,
and are committed to continuously improving our services to provide the best outcome for
you and your family. If you or your loved one needs comprehensive
inpatient rehabilitation services following surgery, injury or illness, turn to Highlands
Rehabilitation. Our dedicated team of rehabilitation professionals
offers personalized, fully integrated care to help you meet your recovery goals.

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