Inpatient Rehab Director Becomes Patient

– When a hospital director
at Doctors Hospital woke up one morning unable to walk, he found himself relying on his co-workers to help get him back on his feet. Our Kimberly Scott has that story. – [Kimberly] In November of 2009, Dean Beasley went into the hospital for emergency spine surgery. – I woke up unable to
walk and had to come up to the Rehab Unit and had
to relearn how to walk with my own folks teaching me. – He’s the director over
the Rehabilitation Center at Doctors Hospital. – It’s an interesting
concept to be thinking, I’m gonna be going back to my own floor where I work every day. You know what your folks do every day, but until you’re on the
receiving end of it, you really don’t appreciate
what all they really do. – [Kimberly] Beasley
says he’s come a long way from not walking to this. Now, he’s in rehab just
a few times a week. – The staff is a little quicker to call me to come talk to a patient now and say, “Would you share with them what you did?” – [Kimberly] And the
staff says they work hard to help anyone who needs their help. – We try to return people back to what they were doing before. You know to get them back to their activities of daily living. – A little apprehension, he is our boss, but those feelings went away pretty quick. You go into nurse mode and
you know you have a job to do, and he had the same needs as every other patient on this floor. – [Kimberly] He’s battled
non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and now raises money for Light the Night. He’s the top fundraiser for this area, and is the chairman for the 2010 event. – Light the Night is for the
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Lymphoma is what I have, so
their primary goal is research to find a cure and also
to provide patient support for those who are suffering from leukemia, non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and
those different diseases. – [Kimberly] Dean Beasley
is a man who’s working hard for himself and others. – Now the workers at Doctors Hospital say it has helped them to
grow a little closer.

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