Ingrid Kelley interviews founder of Best Drug Rehabilitation, Per Wickstrom.

Hello, everyone. I’m Ingrid Kelley and thank
you for joining us. Today we are exploring the issue of substance abuse and the steps
one can take to overcome this illness. Joining me now with much more is Per Wickstrom. He
is the founder of Best Drug Rehabilitation. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for having me, Ingrid. The pleasure
is always to just come and educate people on substance abuse. How long have you been in the business of
helping people overcome substance abuse? In 2002, I bought my first center, so actually
you can say, when did I really get in the substance abuse business? I started the company
February second of 2003. We actually had our first client come through the doors. Yeah. What motivated you to actually own and operate
your own business? You know, that’s a real tough question because
motivation comes from many different aspects in life.and I would say that when I went back
into the automobile business, it wasn’t satisfying. Uh, we had the same things that we have, and
it changed because I had changed going through rehabilitation. Why are you succeeding in an industry where
most people are actually failing? That’s a great question. What I view is if
you keep help – you know, um, we try to help people in this world today as much as possible,
and if you keep help number one above any other award and help is your main focus, you’re
gonna succeed. What’s the biggest challenge that one faces
when trying to get someone actually into rehab. What would you say? The biggest challenge in getting anybody into
rehabilitation is to get them to view their life. Because if you’re failing, if you’re
not suceeding, you’re not gonna want to admit it to your peers or your parents or your wife
or husband. What are some of your biggest concerns regarding
drug abuse? That people are uninformed. People don’t know.
We far too often observe and we put our blinders on and we don’t put the hammer down. What type of programs are actually offered
at Best Drug Rehabilitation? Well, Best Drug Rehabiliation offers a myriad
of programs. What we did is, we sat down, a bunch of therapists and we decided to look
at what works and we all raised our hand. “How did you get sober?”, and I had counselors
that were Native Americans. I had counselors that were Buddhists. I had counselors that
were from Celebrate Recovery which is Christian. And they all had a little bit of a different
story, so instead of just saying this is the straight line you have to roll, we incorporated
five different programs under one roof with five different trained counselors from five
different modalities. So, not only do we have Celebrate Recovery, we have Smart Recovery.
Not only do we have Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, we have Buddhism, if you want to take it.
It’s all an elective. And it seemed to me that when I went to rehab, that nobody would
give me a choice. It was their way or the highway, and that didn’t work for me. I had
to formulate something that was a workable solution and incorporate some kind of a belief
system that I could believe in. There are some reports of you being a Scientologist
and actually using your centers as recruitment tools. Would you like to respond to those
allegations? Well, my personal beliefs have nothing to
do with the beliefs that I teach at my rehabilitation centers. I am a Scientologist. What religion
are you? I’m Christian. Right. So we all have our basic belief system
and I believe that in rehabilitation, spirituality is very important. But, I don’t believe that
you have to classify Scientology or Christianity or Buddhism or any of those as a philosophy
that somebody has to change to. I believe you should pick tools up from every available
aspect to kick what we call addictions behind. Do you force patients or employees to become
Scientologists? Never. Never, ever would I do that. One hundred
percent. For people who are watching this, is there
a website for them to go to so they can actually learn more about your centers? Well, you can Google my center, you know, You can Google As far as drug
addiction, the best way to learn about drug addiction is to get on the phone and to call
us or to call a counselor. You’re gonna get better information because you’re gonna talk
to somebody the way we’re talking, where you can learn the truth. Thank you so much for joining us and sharing
all this information regarding your centers. And thank you so much for watching. Have a
great day.

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