Ingrid Forsberg, NP – Rush University Medical Center

When I graduated in 1978 as a family nurse
practitioner, I remember clearly looking it up and being told that there were 1,000 nurse
practitioners in the United States. And now I just saw lately there’s like 100,000
nurse practitioners. I think it speaks to our need in health care
and what our contributions have been for the betterment of the patient. Not all issues are solved with a pill or a
quick fix. And sometimes I think we have to have the
time to talk it over and say, “Well, here’s the journey that you may be on.” I’ve tried to help a lot of patients say,
“You won’t be better tomorrow, but you will have this progression, and these are
the things you can do to help your progression. So maybe in seven days or 10 days or two
months you’ll feel the results.”

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