Infliximab infusion (Remicade) for Crohns Disease at Addenbrookes NHS hospital

Coming up, (Remicade) Infliximab infusion for Crohn’s disease. Stomanner Here I am arriving at Addenbrooke’s
Hospital in Cambridge, for my eight-weekly infliximab infusion. It’s just a short
walk to the infusion bays and the nurses will have the medication ready to use
intravenously. Once hooked up, I can relax with my feet
up and let the Infliximab infusion drip for two hours. (these times can vary for each patient) Then, I get to fall asleep because the
Infliximab makes me a bit tired. Two hours later after the Infliximab and
the saline flush, the Remicade infusion is complete. I can drive home and return in another
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