Infini- The Liposuction Specialty Clinic

My name is Dr. William Hall and I am the founder and the chief surgeon here at Infini Cosmetic Associates We began Infini Cosmetic Associates in the year 2000 With really the sole intention of setting up a true boutique lipo specialty clinic It’s been over 13 years now that we’ve been in practice and we’re really proud of the fact
that we’ve stayed true to that vision Today liposuction is really the only surgical procedure that I perform on a daily basis We feel this gives us a definitive edge
when doing the procedure because we’re performing it
not on a weekly basis or a monthly basis we’re performing it almost every day of the week which really keeps us sharp with our clinical end results We really strive to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and treatments for our patients We feel this is extremely important to continue to deliver over-the-top results for them I think the clients that come to us really respect the fact that we only do liposuction as far as surgery It makes them feel comfortable that we focus only on one surgical procedure I think it’s really important for the staff that’s doing the consultations and visiting with clients to have had or experience the procedures themselves I take a lot of pride in the fact that most of my staff has been with me for over 3 to 4 years and again, it’s easy for them to talk about the procedures because they’ve experienced most of them My name is Shannon
I’m the patient coordinator here at Infini Cosmetic I love my job. The best thing about it is the excitement patients have when they come in for their consult It’s a big day for them and I love being a part of it My name is Tiffany.
I’m dr. Hall’s office manager Here at Infini we really take pride
in training and educating our staff It is important to us that we educate the patients 100% on the procedures and treatments Whether you choose our doctor and facility or another Our job here is to educate the patients and make sure that they’re 100% confident and comfortable with the procedure that they’re choosing to have I think the best part of what I do
and that gives me the most joy is when I see patients back 3 to 5 months
after their surgery It’s truly amazing the transformation that takes place and to have them tell me or give me feedback or come in with their significant other and
give me feedback and how much it’s changed their lives That never gets old. I love that part of it

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