Infection Prevention | Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital

Hi my name’s Michelle Williamson. I’m a registered nurse and the Infection Preventionist,
as well as the Quality Director here at Gateway Rehab Hospital. We have a nice facility here, and my role
as Infection Preventionist here is to monitor infections and to decrease infections for
our patients. So, one great thing we have here at Gateway
is we have all private rooms for our patients, so that’s great so we can keep them safe and
keep the spread of infection under control. Everyone’s room they have their own belongings,
they can bring them from home. They each have their own bathroom in their
rooms so everything’s contained in a private room in a private setting. So that’s something great here at Gateway
Rehab Hospital. So what we do to prevent infection, the most
important thing is hand hygiene and washing your hands so you’ll see everyone washing
their hands, and we do monitoring and surveillance and education with all of our staff and our
patients and family members while they’re here in the hospital. We try to educate everyone constantly on the
importance of hand hygiene in the spread of infections. So if patients need to be in specific isolations,
there’s specific attire that they need to wear, we educate staff and keep everyone protected
and those are all available for visitors and patients and our staff while they’re here
at the hospital. Thank you, and for more information you can
also go onto our website, or stop by and we can give you a personalized tour.

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