India’s Roadside Clinic: Open Air Bloodletting

COMM: Cutting your skin with a razor blade is far from most people’s idea of therapy,
but everyday, thousands in India shun hospitals to attend basic road side clinics and undergo
painful blood letting. The ancient treatment allows blood to gush out from the small cuts
to the skin and is claimed to cure debilitating illnesses. One of these traditional healers
is Hakim Muhammad Gyas, who charges 20 rupees at his practice on New Delhi’s bustling streets. Hakim: Blood Letting has a long history. It is an ancient cure. COMM: The method involves tying up a patient’s legs or arms using a strip of cloth, making
cuts to the skin with a razor blade. The blood then flows out, leaving patients often wincing
in pain. The wound is then stemmed with a paste made form herbs. Hakim: This is the best cure in the world for illnesses which have no other cure. By
Allah’s order, they will get cured here. The blade does not enter the skin, it is more
like puncturing the skin. Puncturing won’t infect the skin, it releases the poison from
the blood. COMM: Kamlesh Chandra had been using blood letting for 4 years to ease his joint pain. Kamlesh: I have been having joint pains since 2006. I have been coming here for around 60
days continuously. I felt like I was getting better and gradually I was able to run and
walk. COMM: With thousands more like Mohammad believing in the healing powers of cut therapy, the
4,000 year old practice is thriving in the face of modern medicine.

100 thoughts on “India’s Roadside Clinic: Open Air Bloodletting

  1. I'm a barber and blood letting was one of the main jobs of the barber surgeon in the past. The first president of the United States George Washington was a firm believer in this practice. I'm not with it but to each his/her own.

  2. This video does not explain the medical science behind Rakta Moksha (blood letting procedure).  The procedure clears excess Pitta from the body and purifies the blood.  It is sad to see the images presented in a vacuum of ayurvedic medical theory which would help viewers understand what they are seeing and why patients take this treatment.

  3. i am an Indian and never in my life i have seen this kind of things i mean where do u people get these kind of shit and get ur facts rights and then post it and it is not an ancient way to treat someone that hakim is making money by making a fool out of some people

  4. I wonder how many diseases, infection and fungi you'll find on each blade.
    I bet they're used on all the customers without being desinfected. Yuck

  5. This is good treatment you couldn't come stroke, gas troubles, it reduces the chances of heart disease,
    reduce the chance of Vericose vein,

    its local indian medications,
    i think you don't know about leech therapy ,hijama, acupuncture, ayurvedic treatment , etc

  6. this is called cup therapy and yes I have heard by this therapy dirty blood come out and it will help to cure the health problems!! just google it most of the people do around the world but this is little different

  7. And thats why those countrys don´t advance and we have to look for them when they come to our countrys to continue with their nonsens.

  8. And those guys are going to have a permanent seat at the United Nations. Wtf, having some retarded making laws or agreeing on laws.

  9. this so twisted and more twisted this woman calling it cut therapy ..
    iv heard of cupping .
    But this is insane

  10. now this is how aids spreading across the country is over taking stupid stupid ppl might aswell have a operating theater out in public surgery on the go sell a few limbs etc.

  11. wtf is this? i'm an indian and i've not seen this shit anywhere. And btw we have multispeciality hospitals in india. Kindly google it and see. These idiots are making money by fooling innocent people.

  12. I guess any believe can lead to bringing the reality or a change,but they should think keenly about side effects of this..😕

  13. "By Allah′s order,they will get cured here" i swear i hate it when people use religion to hide their scam like Islam is a beautiful religion but people like this r the one that makes the religion looks bad

  14. They use new clean blades and after words they pour water warm on you to slightly stop some bleeding. I know this cause my friend did that while she was in India for a little vacation.

  15. What a bunch of delusional idiots . This doesnt help with nothing whatsoever just a scam. This is exactly how diseases are spread

  16. Allah almighty or Prophet Muhammad ( S.A.W ) have never said this to do or it can heal anything. It's just manmade. Ya Allah.

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