Independent Medical Exams are not Independent at all

At some point in a personal injury case, my clients are required to attend one or more
examinations by doctors hired by the insurance company. The courts require that the insurance companies call these
examinations compulsory medical examinations or CME’s. A few years ago, they were called independent medical examinations which was a very misleading way to describe these
examinations since there is nothing independent about them. And no matter what these examinations are called, it is important that you know
that it is the INSURANCE COMPANY, not you, that select the
doctors who will examine you. These doctors are willing to take
time away from treating patients, in order to sell their time
to the insurance company. Typically, the insurance company has worked
with these doctors for years, and in many cases, have paid them
individually over a million dollars. There are a few reasons why doctors are willing
to perform these compulsory medical examinations. One, as I already mentioned,
they are paid very well. Some doctors have been paid several millions
of dollars by working for insurance companies. Usually, a compulsory medical exam doctor gets paid a
lot more to perform these insurance exams than they do for treating real patients. Also, CME doctors do not have to worry about things like
submitting bills to insurance and collections, and having to wait to get paid. With the insurance company writing their checks, it sidesteps the normal financial burden
that treating doctors experience every day. Two, they have no
malpractice exposure. In other words, they have no duty to the
person being examined, and they are not treating them, and therefore they only represent the
insurance company’s interests, and not yours. If and when you are required to attend
a compulsory medical examination, here a few additional things that
are important for you to know; It is very important that you arrive on
time because of penalties if you are late. Also, it is important to know that we almost always send
a videographer to videotape the entire examination. We do this to protect our client’s rights. By videotaping the examination, we can make sure that the doctor
does not make up any stories by saying you could touch
your toes when you could not. Also, it creates a record about what you
and he said during the examination. We have found in the past that there are many
doctors working for insurance companies, who will be less than forthright regarding our client’s
performance and our client’s statements to the doctor. By videotaping the entire examination,
we are able to more fully protect our client. If you arrive at the examination,
and there is no videographer there, you should wait and not allow the doctor to begin the
examination until you are protected with your videographer. Also, some insurance company
doctors will ask that you disrobe. This may be appropriate provided that they give you
a medical gown to wear during the examination. Also, the videographer is instructed not to film
you during this portion of the examination. Here is a tip of something you
should do to help youself. I highly recommend that you go see your own treating
physician before the insurance examination, and then again after the insurance examination. By having your own doctor examine you both before
and after the insurance company examination, you sandwich the insurance company doctor’s
examination with your doctors exams. So when the insurance company doctor says that
you had no restrictions in your range of motion, yet your treating doctor
who saw you the day before and the day after the insurance examination has
notes of the restrictions in your range of motion, this will be your proof that the insurance
company doctor’s opinion should not be believed. Some insurance doctors will attempt
to perform INVASIVE testing, but be advised that they are not permitted to
use any needles or make any cuts on your body. At the most, they are allowed to test
your reflexes and sensitivity to touch. You should never be hooked
up to any types of machines, have x-rays, MRIs or CT scans taken, or give any types of nerve conduction studies. If the doctor attempts to do
any of these type of tests, you should politely refuse
and call your attorney, and if you need to, leave the examination
until this matter can be resolved. The doctor will ask questions about the accident and what physical and or mental problems
related to the accident you have experienced. This should not be like a deposition where
they ask you hundreds of questions. When they ask you to explain
how the accident happened, be careful in your explanation and your
explanation should be in simple terms. You should not get into
details of distances time, speed or other things that relate to
the liability or fault of the crash. I have seen insurance doctors come into court and say
that you admitted the accident was all your fault, or something like you said that you
admitted that you ran a red light. So if you are pressed for details about distance, speed,
time, and other information about liability or fault, please tell the doctor that you
explained that in your deposition and that he can get a
copy of that deposition from the attorney working for the insurance company
that is paying him to do this examination. You are not going to sit there
and answer a million questions. You are there for an
examination, not a deposition. They will also ask about your medical history. Please be accurate about your medical history. If you forget to tell the doctor about any of your
prior problems that you may of had in the past, they may suggest that you were
less than honest with them. Some of my clients have a notebook that they bring
with them to all of their doctor appointments to make sure they accurately tell the
doctors about their prior medical history. It is important that you show
the doctor where it hurts. If there are certain physical activities
which tend to make your condition worse, it is far better for the doctor to be able to examine
you when you’re having a relatively bad day. If you know that cutting the grass on
Sunday makes you feel bad on Monday, and the examination is on Monday
then cutting the grass on Sunday will help you and the doctor identify
the areas where you’re having problems. You need to know that the compulsory medical
examination will begin in the doctors parking lot. Many insurance company doctors will take the time to watch
you get out of your car and walk into the building. They will continue to watch you while
you are waiting for the examination and watch how you get up from
the chair in the waiting room. During the examination, they will observe your
movements such as how you take off your shoes. When you have a back injury they will certainly
make a note of the type of shoes you were wearing. High heeled shoes and back
injuries do not go together. When the exam with the doctor is over, you will even be watched as you exit
the building and return to your car. Quite often the insurance company doctor will
ask you what your doctors have told you. Your reply should be short and simple. For example, you might say “my doctor says that I will
have trouble for the rest of my life,” or “my doctor says I am getting
better, but it’s going to take time.” Or, “I am getting better, however I will never
be like I used to be before the accident. ” Watch out for last-minute changes. If for any reason the doctor or someone
in his office calls you to make a change, tell them to go through your attorney, because you are not able to make any scheduling
changes without your attorney agreeing. They do this so that the videographer
won’t be there to record the exam. And watch out if the doctor says that the examination
is over and tells the videographer he can leave. You leave when the videographer leaves. Also, keep in mind that any conversations you
have with your attorney is privileged, so if the doctor were to ask you any questions
about discussions you had with your attorney, simply flat out refuse to answer
any of those types of questions. Typically the insurance doctors will
come the court to court and testify that (a) you are not hurt or (b) if you are hurt it’s
not because of the accident, or (c) you are faking or
over exaggerating your pain, or (d) you’re only bringing this lawsuit in hopes of
obtaining money, and not because you are injured. So remember, during an examination, the insurance doctor’s job is to attempt
to gather as much information about you and your condition so that he can damage
or severely weaken your case at trial. It is crucial to remember that the insurance doctor
is NOT your friend, and he is NOT there to help you. He is being hired by the insurance company because they know
that the opinion he will render will be favorable to them. In all my experience of trying personal injury cases, I have NEVER seen a report said that the injured
victim had a permanent injury caused by the crash. I hope you find this information helpful and
are able to use it to help protect your rights in the event that you are examined by the insurance
company doctors or experts in the future. Thank you for watching my video and if you have
any questions, please do not hesitate to call me.

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  1. Great video! But be careful,insurance companies don't like to lose! I have a friend whose law firm was very successful in suing insurance companies in civil cases until the insurance companies lobbied the DA for State of California to raid their offices – no charges were ever made but it disrupted their practice and they couldn't sue the DA because of qualified immunity. Insurance companies have the might of the Government helping them. – Very Sad

  2. That is so true that the alleged independent medical exams were not independent by any standard. The new term of compulsory is more fitting, and the fact that these doctors have no duty to the patients exonerates them from malpractice liability for these exams.

  3. THANK YOU~So informative about what in the state I live in is still called an "IME" (Independent Medical Exam). Thanks again!!!!

  4. Oh shut the hell up! Pathetic lawyer is hungry…
    Drs "are trying to make money through the insurance Co", while working their ass off moonlighting at these stupid "disability" clinics. Usually these are residents that are FAR from "millions".

    Oh and btw, your PCP is not allowed to and will not (We certainly don't) "perform your pre-CME exam" for some comparison.

    Get to work. If you really are disabled, you should NOT need this slow-speech video to "pass" the CME.

  5. Thanks for your comments. I don't have a problem with any doctor that truly gives an Independent Medical Examination. The problem is that a few bad apples spoil the whole process by subverting the system and always coming to the opinion that whenever the insurance company asks them to perform an examination, that every time, they find no permanent injury, or it was not caused by the accident. Many of these doctors make a fortune working for the insurance industry.

  6. I apologise for my post-call rage, it was unprofessional, even if this is YouTube.. You did a good job explaining the process, but I'm so tired of this unfair government ordeal! I have 17-20 yr olds w/DM1 w/no coverage nor money for their vital insulin and they go through hell when applying for Medicaid. And then there are these irresponsible obese poly substance abuse 40 yr olds that get Passport and SSI just because they know how to manipulate the system.

  7. Nowhere else in industrialised countries have I met with such a ridiculous system every single day, like in the US. US needs to invest in the young & not in the "endemic low back pain".
    I hope you are helping the truly disabled ppl.

  8. @ Eli Toro , it is true that there are some who manipulate the system, but this IS a major problem.  There are MANY people who suffer because of accidents & insurance companies try to scam them.  This happens in the U.S. & in Canada.  Please do some research before making assumptions.  Truly disabled people DO need this advice, because like he said, the insurance company's doctor is not there for you.  It is to make you look as bad as possible.

  9. Great Video, Thanks for the Great advice.

    Can i sue the Doctor for Defamation of Character ? When he claims i am not hurt or exaggerating my injury ? i understand an Opinion is an Opinion but now he is claiming under Oath that i am Faking it?
    Not that it has happened but a Hypothetical Question :o)   Thanks.

    Also for those that don't know, Insurance Doctors and Insurance Carriers Are Cheating the Injured workers and that is one of the most Largest Scale Scams of workers compensation.
     They are far Greater Cheating the Injured workers then some Fake Injured workers are cheating the system. But we have no right to investigate this or challenge it or Sue these Doctors that claim we are not hurt, So how is this  a Fair System to the injured worker?

  10. CRIMES AGAINST & CRIMINAL MAIMING OF, INJURED WORKERS:   I am an injured worker who has been deliberately maimed and battered by the medical provider(s) in the workers compensation insurance carrier’s “network of medical providers”. After filing a workers comp claim, injured workers seek treatment. Unfortunately, some injured workers are maimed and battered by the very medical provider(s) that they are sent to.  In my case as in many other WC cases, medical forms, surgery reports are altered and/or falsified.  Documents changed over and above the injured workers signature. 
    I was forced under anesthesia for simple lumbar epidurals.  Just prior to the 2nd lumbar ESI procedure, while in pre-op, for, I objected to anesthesia.  I was told I had no choice, that it was the policy of the surgery center that all patients must undergo anesthesia.  I awakened from that with severe neck pain and slight left arm pain.   My Doctor had injected my person from my neck, down the left side of my spine and my entire left leg with some sort of chemical that tingled and popped like Alka Seltzer.  The tingling – popping sensation was also present in the frontal lobe area of my head.   The procedure that I was there for was to receive an epidural steroid injection in the lumbar area and "trigger point shots" to the left side area of my lumbar spine.  There should not have been any other injections. 
    The next epidural procedure, I made it clear I that I did not want to be placed under anesthesia not only on the phone a day prior to the procedure, but also before the procedure in pre-op.  I re-stated the same in the operating room for everyone there to hear.   I said that I was to get a local pain blocker.  (just as I had during the first lumbar epidural). Instead, my Doctor abruptly shoved the needle into my back without any pain blocker whatsoever. I could feel the needle going through the different textures of my back (not precisely in the lumbar disk area between the vertebrae). The injection was slightly to the left of the spine. My head flew up as I screamed "Wait!" or "Stop!". He would not relent! As my head went down to the operating table (where a towel and prop to lay my head was), he moved the needle inside me to the nerve in my back next to my spine and held it against the nerve! The pain was so excruciating that I bit into the towel that was for my head to rest on and screamed with the towel in my mouth. Pure agony! He would not stop! Clearly, I had no choice once again but to give into anesthesia. When I awakened, I thought to myself, Oh my God, they didn't! I could feel the injuries from being maimed throughout my back, neck, shoulders and arm, from my neck down to my tailbone. I could feel the nerves firing all over my back and next to both sides of my spine from the injections of some sort of chemical (the Alka Seltzer feeling again) that over the coming months, burned and corroded the ligaments in my spine, tendons and muscles, nerves in my back. It felt as though I was being burned from the inside out. PAIN from burning and maiming! I can now & back then could feel that some of the tissue/muscles were pushed away from my spine creating the feeling of divots or holes on both sides of my spine.  I could feel what seemed to be a muscle pushed away and hanging down on to the right mid side of my person. The ligaments that are in my neck and run up into my skull feel damaged, sore. My spine felt "chiseled" in specific areas most prominently in the top of my back and neck and the bottom near the lumbar sacrum area. For 7 months, I had positional vertigo.  The vertigo recently re-occurred for several weeks.   I now have instability in my spinal column. I can feel the vertebrae in my spinal column moving not in sync with the other vertebrae. There is much more damage that I could continue to describe but will refrain.
    In order to get treatment, I had to see the AME “agreed upon medical evaluator” (paid by the WC insurance carrier) designated for my WC case. I demanded to see him. Efforts to delay that ensued. Eventually, I was able to see him on August 12, 2013, more than 2 months after the procedure described above after my insistent efforts to move the date up from what I was originally informed was the earliest available date of September 9, 2013.  I contacted the AME's office and spoke to the appointment desk myself, I was told that there were dates available in July and August however, the insurance carrier and MY attorney agreed that I wasn't to see the AME any sooner than August 26, 2013. Odd?  My attorney’s initially moved the appointment from September 9, 2013 to August 26, 2013.  Then they finally conceded to allow me to see the AME on August 12, 2013.  After seeing the AME on 2 occasions and describing to him and his historian what happened to me verbally and via color sketches and in a 5 page written description, his report indicates, Yes, my neck was damaged during the procedure(s) however, the pain, the holes and more that I describe in my back and spine are "medically improbable”! Interestingly, the AME rendered an opinion of how my neck could have been accidently damaged. That is NOT his job! He has also diagnosed me with degenerative disk disease. However, approximately 8-9 months prior to the 3rd epidural procedure, he specifically told me there was no sign of “DDD”. 
    COOPERATION OF MEDICAL PROVIDERS:  Not only was the Ortho Surgeon involved. It was also the surgery centers and the anesthesiologists and others that have been involved. After informing my then attorney via e-mail and via several cell phone conversations, the attorney who runs the WC division in that law office, called me on the phone and begged me not to file a grievance with the California Medical Board and allow himself and the AME to handle this! Later he called me again and told me to file for permanent disability right away! My attempts to get help through other means have been stalled. What has been done to me and the continued efforts to interfere as I try to seek treatment even outside of the WC system, has been a well-orchestrated effort. Through injured workers associations, I have come to find out that what has happened to me has happened to many other patients through the years but is being ignored due to the outrageous and maliciousness of the crime. To think that a field of medical professionals would participate in the maiming and battery of patients is something out of a movie, but it does exist!  It is a strategic tactic. 
    AWARENESS IS KEY:  I'm trying to prevent what has happened to me from happening to others.  Join me and other injured workers to 1.  Create a mandated disclosure law in all workers comp cases that reveals the danger of injured workers being targeted for “battery” and “maiming”!. I should have been warned.   Injured worker should be presented with a disclosure indicating something to the effect of: “Some injured workers have reported having been harmed, maimed or battered while receiving treatment for their injury.  The injured worker is advised to report any occurrence of injury or suspected intentional harm to the proper governing authorities in the state in which their WC case is filed. I am told that only a few states have a medical battery laws.  2.  Support a Medical Battery Law so that these crimes can be reported to the police department and/or the District Attorney’s office.  3.  Injured workers should have the right to require a patient advocate to be present (NOT AN ADVOCATE FROM THE INSURANCE CARRIER'S MEDICAL PROVIDER NETWORK & WITHOUT THE APPROVAL OF THE EMPLOYER, INSURANCE CARRIER AND/OR DEFENSE ATTORNEY) should the need for anesthesia arise. I wish I had known that I had the right to remain awake during the 2nd epidural.  I have since found out that most lumbar ESI procedures are done with just the local anesthesia pain blocker, just as I had requested.  The third epidural wherein I was forced brutally to accept anesthesia, I don’t know what I could have done differently.  I couldn’t scream loud enough that he (the Doctor) would stop pressing the needle against the nerve in my back! I couldn’t get off the table with the needle in my back either. My body is prolifically maimed.  4.  A disclosure should be signed by the injured worker that indicates that “Some injured workers have reported having had documents altered / changed over and above their signature, medical reports falsified, surgery reports falsified, deceitful methods of marking documents one way on the top page, however, having documents marked differently on the flow through attached copies   5.  Injured workers should have the right to have their treatments / surgeries / procedures, consults, appointments with any Doctor or medical staff including visits with a Primary Treating Physician, QME, AME, IMR, IME or other examiner, video and/or audio taped.   At my procedures, I was asked to sign off on video and audio taping, but have since been told that no video or audio taping of the ESI was done.   I find that interesting.     
    I’m told that fraud against the injured worker has been going on for 20 plus years.  Why aren’t injured workers advised / warned in advance of the various criminal activities targeted against the injured workers.   
    NEVER ENDING PURSUIT FOR JUSTICE:  I have gone to law enforcement 5 times wanting to file a complaint against the Doctor, Anesthesiologist, surgery centers etc. I have been told that I cannot report the crimes of falsified documents and maiming & battery as there is nothing in the penal code.  All 5 instances, I was sent away without the benefit of being able to report the crimes perpetrated against me.   I have contacted the FBI several times – I am told that they cannot do anything either. The OC DAs response to the maiming and battery, falsified surgery reports, documents changed over and above my signature and much more was “Unfortunately, your case is not unique”.  This week (September 8, 2014), I was told that I can’t file charges or complaints with at the District Attorney’s office either.  I am referred to the California Medical Board to file a complaint.  Clearly, this is why crimes in the workers comp system are systematically committed against the injured worker.   
    Fraud & battery has been facilitated on the part of the defense.  “Creating the look of a condition(s).   I had demanded to see the AME because I had been forced under anesthesia, maimed and battered! The AME knew this so out of concern for himself, he had his “office manager” present during the 2 office visits after the 3rd epidural! In his final report, he does not mention that I informed all parties including his office historian, that I had been forced under anesthesia and maimed.  The “legal” staff member in his office told me that they removed the 5 page letter that I wrote to the AME which set forth some of the chain of events that had occurred since I filed the WC claim including the maiming, and more.   She said that it was removed for my benefit as it was “Ex parte”.   I believe that is was removed because the AME had an obligation to report the crimes that have been committed against me which would in turn jeopardize any future referrals to his office from this insurance carrier and / or defense attorney.   I can see that the AME was not acting as a neutral party and he certainly wasn’t acting in my favor.  His report, to me, reads biased in favor of the defense by virtue of statements that he included, that I am told is NOT his job – for example, lending an opinion for  how I was hurt, rather than stating that the applicant (me) reports that she was forced under anesthesia, and awakened with injuries and injections throughout her body.   Additionally, he indicates that my complaints of other pain, maiming, is medically improbable rather than doing the proper studies.  The insurance adjuster told me herself, that they were not allowing any further studies including an MRI of thoracic region to investigate.  Which is probably why the AME wouldn’t do one back in August 2013.   During my visit with the AME, I brought a family member with me to act as my “patient advocate” at the AME appointments, however, the AME objected and said that he would not proceed with the office visit unless my family member / patient advocate left the examination room. The partner in the law firm that represented me back then (September 2013) told me to file for permanent disability right away. So, he must know what they have done to me. During my last attempt to file charges or a complaint against the “Ortho Surgeon” and others, the police officer told me that my attorney should have reported the incidents.  I e-mailed the partner in the law firm asking if he reported the wrongdoing in my case. He said that he wasn’t present during my epidurals so he didn’t have to report it. 
    ATTEMPTS TO GET TREATMENT OUTSIDE OF THE WORKERS COMP SYSTEM:  I have tried to get help outside of WC. I have been met with bizarre situations and the Doctors through Medi-cal “doctoring” my medical record by not including the fact that I informed them of the maiming and pain throughout my body, instead, some mention only “lumbar pain”.  Why would they do that!  The most recent Doctor told me that if I accuse another Doctor of having maimed & battered me, that he will not take me as a patient!  I refused to comply with his requirement, so he said, “Then, I can’t help you.”    
    POWER / GREED:  I am amazed at the power that the defense has over medical staff, surgery centers, etc. But I’ve been told that this has been going on for years. If you are an injured worker with a back injury, you, as I am, may be a target of maiming and battery to create the look of a condition, so that later the case can be litigated and the “condition” can be added and considered as apportionment which may reduce or eliminate the employer’s and the insurance carrier’s liability.  There are likely many other strategic reasons.
     WC FRAUD:  The most prevalent fraud in the worker’s comp system is facilitated by the defense and their “minions” including corrupt attorneys, Doctors, medical staff, surgery centers, hospitals, and insurance carriers and vindictive employers.  Why isn’t this a well-known fact?  Why aren’t injured workers warned?  The insurance carrier’s often shine a light on the fraud perpetrated by injured workers, which is miniscule compared to the fraud perpetrated by the defense themselves. 
    A former defense attorney who writes about workers compensation, and is still active in the industry, wrote an article wherein he asked of the people who were attending a workers compensation conference geared towards industry professionals, “How many of you, if you were hurt at work, would file a workers comp claim?”  In response to his question, 1 person of the 400, raised their hand.  Speaks for itself, doesn’t it.      

  11. It is great to see this type of information for the public. I respect and thank you for doing so.

  12. They lie!!!! Went to an IME 6 weeks ago.. i was in the office for 9 minutes.. 5 of those minutes he asked me questions,4 minutes he told me to bend foward,backwards and knee reflexes..But on his report he said he did 11 tests on me!!!!! Bullshit!!! I know if i have an egg or steak on my plate!!! Report them as i did to medical services board of complaints!!! They are lying about a prrson they only know for 10 minutes and agree with only other IME reports because they play golf with the ring of scumbag doctors making a lucrative side salary and going against an oath they took in the first place!!!!

  13. @MattLaw Your quite welcome sir.. now i just went to court and the judge Continued my Workers comp payments and is now sending me to an Impartial doctor.. its gotta be near the end now! I have an MRI disc of my 2 protruding discs from my injuries plus the nuerologists 1 report,Nuerologist number 2 report plus my chiro report,..i and my lawyer are not like the scumbag ins company who doctor shops every month! For anyone going on or just starting a workers comp case.. have patienece,its a lot of political games.. its like your own personal hell!! If you really need to do it.. by all means.. if not STAY AWAY!
    Merry Christmas everyone.

  14. I wish I had you as a lawyer. This video above is exactly how to avoid this video

  15. There is probably a good reason for these so called compulsory examinations so that guys like you don't collect millions from a frivolous claim. Your videos seem to be one sided, not objective at all.

  16. Great video , I actually have an IME in three hours , my attorney will be present at my request . Your video has confirmed what I had heard in the past about such Drs and examinations , thank you !

  17. if after the interview the doctor tells to the insurance I am fit to
    work, does it mean I have to go back to work?my illness is invisible but
    when I get sick (and it doesn't take too much to get sick)it is very
    visible, I start throwing up and my employer says I look very pale and I
    am looking as I am going to pass out. If I go back to work my employer
    will need to send me home by taxi over and over again as it did happened
    in the past. Can the insurance deny the benefit when my employer know
    that I am sick (the employer paid the premium to the insurance
    protection plan). I have a very rare mutation in a muscle gene,
    unfortunately there is very little information at the moment about this.

  18. Hi, Armand here. My disability experience exposed me to Independent Medical Examiners who wrote blatant lies about me. They claimed my well-documented workplace accident never happened, and I was just happily unemployed. I went to the BC Supreme Court seeking fairness and justice. The judge told me the Labour Relations Board of BC had emasculated the court and the judges feared to lose their jobs. BC is hostile and aggressive to disabled workers and accident victims.

  19. Hello Matt your videos have help at many various stages in my injury claim thanks a lot but I have a question please.I sustained a back injury at work. My work payed for a physiotherapist to see me after the appointment there was a form that they wanted me to fill out asking for the access to my medical records and for all information to be able to be given to my work. It wasn't compulsory so I didn't fill it out should I grant them access?

  20. Wow, what a bunch of misinformation from you. I currently work in the IME industry (not for the insurance company) and most of this stuff isn't true. Saying that they aren't IME's and not independent. Not saying that all of these doctors are good. But all the ones I know are really good at what they do. And yes they are called Independent medical exams.

  21. Ime's I have been at appear totally not above board. I am an RN who specializes in assessment. From what I experienced, these exams are not valid.

  22. My lawyer called these doctors "whore doctors". I wonder how they sleep at night. What a slime ball I was sent to. I didn't have a videogropher present but I did have my husband. He recorded the entire encounter. The slime ball used every trick in the book and even though I'd had major Rotator cuff surgery less that 24 hours before and I was on major pain killers, I still realized I'd walked into a trap. I also realized that a woman in a car I'd seen in a Costco parking lot (I stayed in the car) over 25 miles from the quacks office and realized we'd been followed… I'd spotted her and told my husband we were being followed. Sure enough she set up camp in the waiting room. I told my hubby to not say a word other than to ask how I was feeling. Not another word. Tell your clients to be aware of their surroundings. I was in a business that depended on security and situational awareness and it came in handy.

  23. Sad world. And my 'friends' doctors r upset when I say that: doctors r criminals? But; that's what they r.

  24. I wish more people were like you MattLaw. You are trying to protect victims from being victimized more. ime's should be illegal.

  25. I am in the UK and have just undergone a IME which was performed by a consultant who is part of the team that treated me at the hospital initially I'm not happy about this surely this would not happen in america

  26. IME ‘doctors’ are insurance company litigators who are there to find anything no matter how remote to steal your benefits in exchange for monetary compensation from the insurance company. NEVER sign anything at an IME and always take a witness that will video record the examination and create a minute by minute record on what these trick doctors called an examination

  27. Thank you Matt for your great videos on a very corrupt system that we have in place.👍 I am hoping to get out videos on the medical lien scam as well.

  28. I respect you sir !! Very detailed video and giving great information . Thank you sir, I injured myself at work and have been out on worker’s compensation since August 2018, my employer tried to get me to file on my short term disability , which I filed it took them took them two months to give me the worker’s compensation . I actually had to call the department of worker’s compensation to start my claim the insurance company never reported my workplace injury. I’m being sent to Designated Doctor Exam on February 26,2019, so your video had helped me a lot . She. I first got hurt I went to dr on my own, and they said I had spinal stenosis but I’ve Berber had any issues , of course the insurance is trying to say it’s pre existing at this moment.

  29. I've been on NYS WC for 16 years now. Never heard of being able to video my exam. What a joke they are, and the worst are the psyches that meet for 30mins after canceling the appt, then blames you for it and then adds doctors you've never seen and says you're a drug addict that needs to see a psychiatrist, in patient rehab, change your meds every 2 weeks, after 14 failed surgeries and no red flags.

  30. Hi Matt,great video,i am actually scheduled to see a ime on 15 this Month,i saw my gp,he did a medical report and my attorney sent to off,now am in 90 percent recovering,but my employer want me to go to ime and after I have appointment with my gp again!!any advice please and what to expect from this results Thanks a lot

  31. That's not true IME company are not Insurance companies and do not work for insurance companies…They are acquired by the attorney and he can use any of the IME organization that's not connected to insurance companies.

  32. In my Workers Compensation case, Saskatchewan ( Canada ) everything possible was deliberately used to "DENY" diagnosis / treatment. Even my MRI Scan results were ''FALSIFIED'' – Watch this video, this is what happens when Workers Compensation gets involved;

  33. im heading down this road soon after 2 years 2 surgery and worse shape then I was because of emrsa I got from treatments

  34. mine was called an ime? few months ago misleading as a motherfucker dr came in poked me and then asked if I had any questions, dr started walking out as I was asking him questions!?! wtf

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