In-Clinic Abortion | Planned Parenthood Video

In the United States, abortion is a safe and
legal way to end a pregnancy. There are two kinds of abortion: the abortion
pill and in-clinic abortion. In-clinic abortions are also called surgical
abortions. During an in-clinic abortion, a doctor, nurse,
or other health care provider empties your uterus using gentle suction and sometimes
other medical tools. For most people, an in-clinic abortion feels
like strong period cramps. But everyone’s experience is different. The medical staff will help make your abortion
as comfortable as possible. You’ll get medications to make it hurt less,
and you might get medicine to help you relax or sleep through the procedure. You might have a little cramping after your
abortion, and you’ll probably want to take it easy for a few hours. But most people can go back to their normal
activities the next day. Before your abortion, you’ll have an exam
and lab tests, and possibly an ultrasound. And you’ll meet with a nurse, doctor, or
other staff to talk about your options, and make sure abortion is the right decision for
you. Sometimes the decision to have an abortion
is simple, other times it’s more complicated. But either way, it’s your decision. Only you know what’s right for you. Abortion is very common and it’s also very
safe. And serious problems are extremely rare. Laws about abortion are different depending
on the state you live in. There may be waiting periods or other restrictions
or waiting periods before you can get an abortion. And it may be harder to get an appointment
for an abortion after the 12th week of pregnancy. So if you’re considering abortion, talk
to a health care provider as soon as you can, so you have as many options as possible. The caring staff at Planned Parenthood are
experts at providing safe abortion and supporting you throughout the process. They can answer your questions, give you accurate
information about all of your options, and offer non-judgmental support — no matter what
you decide to do about your pregnancy. To find out more about your abortion options,
call your local Planned Parenthood health center or visit

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