Ida Moffett School of Nursing Nurse Practitioner Residency

Nursing is just such a wonderful profession. You just have this opportunity to love people and to invest in their lives in really unique ways. A lot of these patients have very little hope in their life at times. So to give them a true source of hope when they are struggling medically, socially, mentally, it is a precious opportunity. And if you feel more confident and prepared to take care of all the rest, it’s a little easier to develop that relationship and talk to them about things that really have eternal value. The nurse practitioner residents will be able to participate in a 12-month residency that is paid. You will be stationed in community-based clinics throughout Alabama. You will go through specialty rotations such as mental health, orthopedics, pediatrics, women health to enable you to practice independently as a provider in those community-based rural settings. If you have the chance to do a residency do it. It is a wonderful preparation for your practice, not only in those early years that are really challenging and make you feel vulnerable but for your whole professional life. And I think I look back on that experience with such gratitude that I had the opportunity to do that. And not only was it important for me personally to grow in confidence to feel more competent, but it has blessed my patients and the communities where I have served, and I think it would do that for any person who came to do this residency. In the past, most nurse practitioner residency programs have been housed in healthcare organizations. These residents will have the opportunity to be trained at a school that has been here for almost 100 years. I think Sanford is unique because we have this interaction with not only the work of serving communities who are underserved, but you get to implement your faith into that which a lot of these patients live in these remote areas, and they may not have the resources to get to a place to get really get the care they need. And I want these nurse practitioners be ready. We want them to feel the confidence to go out into these underserved areas and say you know what? I’m going to care for this community the best way I know how. And that they would do it humbly and with a heart that is committed to improving the health of those communities and to give them compassionate, competent care.

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