100 thoughts on “[ID Hospital Review] Let Me In 4, Korea Plastic Surgery, ศัลยกรรมเกาหลี, ศัลยกรรมเกาหลีของคนไทย

  1. เคสหลุดรพ.ไม่รับผิดชอบนะจ้ะ บอกต้องจ่ายเงินทำอย่างอื่นเพิ่ม ถึงจะแก้ไขที่ผิดพลาดให้

  2. Yo let's be honest. She's not that pretty before. And I'm sure a contestant can say no to whatever they think not good, so who are we to complain.
    By the way, she looks so pretty. Be confident girl!

  3. 1:33 So Cute little barbie. 1:33 please take a look , she had already a barbie face when she was a child. The only problem here is her " jaw".,

  4. I'm from Philippines.. I have protruding lower jaw.. I would like to have a correcting surgery… I can't afford that kind of surgery.. It's too expensive… I hope you can help me on this..

  5. Plastic surgery in korea is awesome. But for me she already pretty if you love someone whatever his or her face is

  6. she's already pretty even before surgery, like her features are very pretty. I wish they just reduced the chin and didn't do anything about the others.

  7. What the fuck they make her nose asian😂 now she looks like beautiful asian not beautiful Caucasian should be they just cut the chin but they did fucking wrong idea

  8. 1:58 she looks so pretty in that angle they could have just did her chin
    Her lips is also thin as a paper after

  9. If i hve more money,i wnt do that,bcauz i need good life😖i hope malaysia can do like korean country

  10. I don't like how her face turned out, don't get me wrong she is pretty before and after but I wish they just fixed her jaw proportions and left her alone… She doesn't look natural now imo

  11. Her nose looks a bit weird and it looks like she has no lips.
    Jaw surgery was necessary but what else did they do?

  12. You know i hate surgery but if she have personal reason ..i can understand her. God made us💕God bless everyone

  13. I felt uneasy just by seeing her lips and nose, i mean they just made really looks like she went for a plastic surgery.

  14. Hello, I'm from the Philippines. I'm enjoying watching your videos. I hope and I wish that you will invite me for a free total transformation. Godbless you!

  15. Wtf? Why do every person here in the comments comment about her being pretty before or after?! Whether you went through a plastic surgery or not, you’re pretty in your own way…

  16. So sad that people like to change the way they are just to be happy. They should have just fix the ortho issue not the entire face .

  17. Why is everybody complaining about her after look? Its fine, it looks ok.. much better!! She looks so pretty now than before😊

  18. I hope you can read this im from philippines im janeth mahawan 24 years old we are same situation i hope you can help me.to change everything my jaw. Mr park sang

  19. Y'all be complaining about fake beauty, how she was "prettier" before, I wish they would this that while she's rocking her new look 😂

    Y'all are just jealous you can't and won't have money to fix y'all's ugly faces and especially ugly heart 😭 Boo hoo

  20. She is beautiful the way she is we are all made MY GOD THE FATHER ALMIGHTY… we should not face oursleves through plastic looks😭😭

  21. She lookes like the popular girl bully at my school now..before surgery she looked so cute ngl but now she’s just..so fake

  22. Whatt??? She already beautiful..just have to pull out her teeth a little bit or do her jaw..woww..crazy..I rather date her before then after.. sorry..

  23. She is pretty i think it’s just her jaw that called underbite face they could just jaw surgery her nose her eye is natural beauty doesn’t need to fix thats all

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