iClip – Groundbreaking for Dr. David Molina Park

This 3.3 acre empty site will soon be transformed into the city’s newest park. Located in North Long Beach, right off Del Amo Boulevard, near the 710 freeway, the park will be named after Dr. David Molina. “We know that Dr. David Molina was really a trailblazer in the, in the medical world and in medicine and in health care. His work has not just affected Long Beach but really the world and across the country as well.” The park is adjacent to the land that was once home to the Will J. Reed scout camp and is becoming a private residential development. The developer funded public park will open this coming fall and be operated by the Department of Parks Recreation and Marine. “This park will really help transform this neighborhood, a neighborhood that really needs a park, hasn’t had a whole lot of attention in many, many years. There are a number of youth who live in this community and families who are going to really, really enjoy this park. This is going to really be a transformation to this neighborhood.” This new park will be the 169th in Long Beach and a key recreation area in North Long Beach. “It connects to the LA River Trail and there’s gonna be a great big soccer field and play lots areas for the kids and it’s in a community that really needs a lot of open space so we’re pretty excited about it.” For more information about the city of Long Beach’s parks and other recreational facilities, visit LongBeach.gov

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