15 thoughts on “Iceland Travel. CRAZY Expensive Food. | Trip to the Hospital (oops)

  1. im glad the bite wasn't too terrible from the look of it. doesn't seem like it's gonna do much scarring. Stay strong Ayden 🙂

  2. PS. A request… Can you say the month and year you guys are at a certain location? I always wondered what time of year you visit certain places. Thanks 🙂 You guys are awesome.

  3. Hey didn’t you do a poll on where you should visit? London, Iceland and somewhere else. So you did Iceland and London… where’s the 3rd place?

  4. Hey there! Awesome video as usual. I've heard the USA have tight security at the airport too and officials ask many questions.

  5. Recently visited Iceland in the summer and can't wait to go back. The Landscapes, Geysers, Waterfalls all spectacular.

  6. They should have glued A mans face. It keeps from leaving a rough scar in delicate areas. I got bit on by two dogs when I was his age. One on the face almost taking out my right eye and one on the leg. They glued my face and stitched my leg. You cant see any marks or scars on my face but the leg is definitely noticeable if you know what you are looking at.

  7. As a brit entering America is pretty horric experience ha ha ha so I guess it works both ways entering our country

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