I went to hospital…

– Mom) How you feeling Morgan? – A little bit worried. – (Nurse) Okay, just a tiny scratch. – Hello guys and welcome back to another daily vlog, 6 pm every day, let’s do this. So as you can tell
right now I am back home and in today’s vlog, it’s
gonna be a different one. I’m actually quite nervous for this vlog, like, it’s gonna be very,
very, very different. Now, it’s midday time right now and mom what am I doing? What am I about to do right now? – (Mom) We’re going to the hospital to get your vaccinations. – Gotta go and get needles stuck in me and I don’t know if this is just me right, leave a like right now
if you agree with me but does anyone else just hate needles? Like, just seeing a needle just pop up, like it just makes me, makes
me a little bit scared. I’m not gonna lie. I did actually full-on feint once when I got a blood test. Now a few things, first of all I’m gonna give you guys a
little challenge right now. Basically, I’m gonna
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leave a like on the video and turn on my YouTube
notifications starting now! (dramatic music) Bang! Okay, did you do it? Did you do it, did you subscribe, like and turn on my notification? Mom, what d’you think? Do you reckon they did it? – (Mom) Yeah definitely. – Well, I hope, I hope so. And mom, w-w-wait, do you hear that? – (Mom) No. – That was like someone saying, “Morgan, your new hate looks really nice.” Yeah, did you hear that? – (Mom) Yeah. – Guys this is one of my brand new hats. Now these aren’t available yet, but guys they will be soon and if you’re excited for these to drop tell me
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let’s go to the hospital. Don’t wanna, mom I don’t wanna go. – (Mom) Come on, I’ll go with ya. – I don’t wanna go, Mom. – (Mom) Come on or we’re
gonna miss the appointment. Go, go, we’re gonna miss
the appointment darling, we should have set off five minutes ago. – (Morgan) Oh Bruno, Bruno
doesn’t want me to go, does he? Oh my god okay. Oh god mom, is it too late
now to just kind of run off? – (Mom) No, come on babe. – Guys, it’s time to go isn’t it? – (Mom) Yes. Where you going? Come on, it’s only a little prick. – (Morgan) But I don’t like pricks. – (Mom) You do, well you don’t but I’m saying a little prick won’t hurt. – Right so as you can
tell we’re on the way to the hospital right now and
I just want to tell you guys something that’s pretty fricking funny. So for awhile now I’ve been
wanting to get a hamster right. I had a hamster ages ago
and it was the nicest thing when I was like, I guess
I was like 10 years old when we had it. I’ve been wanting one for awhile and I think it’d be awesome
to have for my videos but my mom doesn’t seem too
fond of the idea do you? – No, I don’t want another one. They’re cute but I don’t want another one. – Me and mom were having
a long talk about it and it got to the point
where she actually said what she wanted to name
it if we were to get one. – But we’re not getting
one, but I got a name. – Why would you think of a
name that you wanna name it if you didn’t want to get one? I think she’s having us
on a bit here, you know, I think she’s try, I think she’s trying to play a bit of mind games with us. But anyway we need to prove mom wrong. We need to show her that
we need this hamster so leave a like and subscribe. – (Mom) How you feeling Morgan? – A little bit worried. I think I’ll be right, I
think I’ll tough through it. – (Mom) You will, no feinting,
we’ve got you laid down. – (Nurse) Tiny, tiny scratch just now. – Ooooh. – (Nurse) There you go,
done, done, done, done, done. – Was that it? – (Nurse) Yeap. – Oh wow, okay. – (Mom) Do you want another one? Did you enjoy it? – I was expecting more. Wow, okay, that wasn’t too bad you know. – (Mom) Let’s have a look. – Okay, where is it? – (Mom) Cant’ even find it. There’s a little plaster on it. – I barely even felt that. – (Nurse) Last one then,
second one (mumbles) – (Morgan) Okay. – (Nurse) Again just a
tiny, tiny scratch just now. – Oooooh, ooooh. Yeah that’s cool. – (Nurse) Just got a little
bit of your hand on it. Is that alright, just got a
little bit of your hand on it. – I was worried about that for so long. – (Mom) I think we’ve
cancelled two appointments while we’ve been looking – We actually did cancel a few didn’t we. – (Nurse) It’s usually the
thoughts a fair bit as well. – Oh definitely yeah, definitely. When I had my blood test
which was a little while ago basically they put
genuinely four needles in me ’cause they couldn’t find a vein. And then what I did was
I got up out of the bed and passed out, like for real. I was expecting it to be
like that calibre genuinely. Wow, I’m actually very, very surprised. You guys are probably like
oh he’s just (mumbles) I bet he’s in loads of pain. But yeah that wasn’t,
that wasn’t too hard. I think the hat got me through it. I reckon she loved the hat,
I reckon she loved the hat. Mom I’m not even joking
I’ve just had the best, oh my god. Mom, let’s prank dad. You ring him, so your pranking
him, but you ring him. Say that I’ve like
passed out or something. Say like he’s woken up but
he’s like buzzy and like erg. – So they’re just keeping
him in for observation. – Yeah, yeap. – If I can just go on this. – Ahh, yo I’m excited. Oh my god dad is not ready for this. Genuinely why is she wearing my, why are you wearing my jacket? – Cause it just looks nicer on me. – Hey Suri turn on the lights. – (Suri) Sorry Morgan, I didn’t hear back from your devices. – Oh great thank you
Suri, thanks so much bro. Gonna be kinda tricky
for me to show you my arm I’m just gonna give it ago, so yeah as you can see right here, literally, wait hold on, let me zoom in. Oh wow, thank you motorbike. All the fuss was about plasters, literally that big,
let me do my other arm. I was actually worried,
I was actually worried about a plaster literally that big. It really didn’t hurt at all. And before you comment that
I’m not just saying that, like it really didn’t. “Oh Morgan you’re just acting hard.” I swear if I get one
comment that says that I’m not gonna be happy. I do like these hats though,
they do feel really fresh. They actually fit me better
than my Ralph Loren cap so, I mean, that’s
actually, that’s good that. These are gonna be out very soon so I’ll keep you updated
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yes and you’ll be notified every time I upload so
you never miss a video and you get there early. So Mom’s just told me
she’s ready to do this prank on dad and I’m not gonna lie guys I’m actually very excited. Genuinely, this is the
second time in two days I’ve pranked my dad so I don’t think he’ll be happy but it
should be really funny. – (phone voice) Welcome to the 02.. – (Morgan) Oh wow. – Try the other one. – (Morgan) Try it again,
try again, try again. – Try that one. (phone message recording) – (Morgan) For god sake. (phone message recording) What do we do? (phone message recording) Dad’s just phoned, so basically here we go the prank starts now. – Hello. – (Dad) Hello? – I ah, I’ve been trying to
get hold of you for ages. – (Dad) I’ve been on
treadmill, I’ve just come off and seen all your calls. – Yeah, it, it’s okay, it’s not like. All it is, do you know how
I took Morgan to have his vaccinations today at the hospital? – (Dad) Bet he enjoyed that. – Well, we’re still at the hospital now. We had a little bit of an incident, so he was kind of – (Dad) What? – Just two injections and
you know what he’s like, he just kind of, last
time we went he feinted. So he just went off on me. They started to inject
him and he jumped up, ripped his arm a little bit, said I just can’t do it, I can’t do it and tried to like run off,
like he did last time basically so anyway we’ve calmed him
down and he’s laid back down but he did actually
manage to bang his head as he was like doing this
so what we’ve done is we just staying at the
hospital for an hour just while he kind of comes round. They’ve given him a drink and everything and they’re just kinda,
honestly it unbelievable. – (Dad) Oh he’s such a drama queen. This is nothing to with feinting it’s him working himself up. – (Mom) I know, yeah. – (Dad) See I hated injections,
everyone hates them. – I know but the thing
was, it is a panic attack cause he just kinda,
the first one was fine and then he saw them coming towards him and he started going I
can’t do it, I can’t do it. Started, panic, yeah. And he started pushing as they put it in. He’s got a little like rip on his arm, it’s nothing bad. Shall I see, shall I
see if, let me just see if he’ll talk to me cause
he got really a bit angry with me and started getting a big abusive. I think he just went a bit doolally, but just a minute I’ll see, just a minute. Morgan, are you alright? It’s dad, it’s dad. It’s all done now just have
a little chat with dad. Do you want him to come see
you at the hospital Morgan? Or we just gonna wait, come home and he can come see you later? – No, no. – Honestly, I can’t it’s just too, I’m not saying anything,
you’re being a bit silly now cause it’s all done. Anyway, no leave it, leave it. What we’ll do is uh, do you want to see if he’ll
have a little word with ya? – (Dad) (mumbles) – Just a minute, will you talk to your dad just for a minute cause he’s
really worried about you. – No. – (Mom) Here ya go, here ya go. Just say hello to dad cause he’s worried. – (Dad) You alright mate? Oh you’ve (mumbles) me. Oh you two are absolutely d, (mumbles). I’m definitely getting
you back for that one. – That was absolutely quality,
that was absolutely quality. – (Dad) Tell your mom she’s getting better at this acting business. – Nice, absolutely quality, oh my god. That was absolutely quality. – (Mom) He said to me let’s prank dad. It wasn’t my idea. – (Morgan) Yeah, but you said
you’d go through with it. – Well yeah, ’cause I’m
easily led, I’m easily led. – That is hilarious guys,
I genuinely don’t think that could have gone
any better, oh my god. Hold on. – Are we going, what you doing? – (Morgan) Why’s, why,
why’s fatty in here? – Cause he just wants to come and see you. – (Morgan) Yeah but why, why? Why’s fatty in here? – Cause he wants to see you that’s why. – (Morgan) I’m not talking about Bruno, Bruno’s fine, Bruno’s fine. – What are you talking about? You talking about me? Right, that’s not very nice is it? Come on Bruno, we’re
taking away our friendship. – I’m sorry, mom don’t
leave me, I’m sorry. Now me and mom have this like running joke when whenever I go away or whenever I stay in like a hotel she always
asks me to bring back the little like soaps that you get. This is a bath and shower foam, literally this tiny little bottle. Mom? Oh hey Bruno. Bruno’s just kinda chillin’. I’ve got another gift for ya. – (Mom) What’s that love? – (Morgan) You ready? You ready for your big surprise, close your eyes, close
your eyes, close your eyes. It’s not a prank don’t
worry close your eyes. – If you spray me, oh. I thought you were gonna spray me there. Oh you’ve pinched me something. – (Morgan)I stole a little shares of soap from a hotel for ya. – Oh, that’s lovely, oh thank you. – You’ve got your own
bath and shower foam. Hi, can I order some
food for delivery please. Can I have one chicken kebab. – (Man on phone) One chicken kebab, yeah. – And then that’s all
I want but can you like equal the delivery cost
with like a few bottles of diet coke or like however many I need to get the delivery. That’s perfect thank you – (man on phone) can yeah? – Yeah cheers, bye. Food time boys, oh my god yeah. It’s literally been like one
day since I’ve had a take away. Like that is way too long. I’m joking guys okay, believe it or not I do actually, I do actually diet. I take away diet, no guys,
seriously, I do diet. I say that while I have a
bag of skittle right here. No wonder no one ever believes me. Oh, twenty minutes
later we’ve got it here. Bruno’s looking pretty excited, yeap. You can see the excitement from that yawn. Guys, let’s do this. Yo guys look at that beautiful
looking chicken kebab. Loads of salad just how I like it. Bruno is uh, I don’t
know, just kind of there. Okay there’s one there. Why is the fork in the knife section? Mom, what are you doing? Nice sharp knife, oh
okay, lovely and burnt. We’re gonna put that one
back and get a different one. That’s not even a, that’s a potato peeler. And off we go, and off to the bedroom. Cue the dramatic music. Come on. No, oh screw it, there we go. Ladies and gentlemen I’ll see you when I’ve eaten my food. Right so guys I’ve just finished my food and to be honest guys I
think I’m gonna go to bed. And you’re probably thinking, you know, this isn’t like you Morgs
to go to bed so early. It’s about 11 right now. Usually I go to bed at
just ridiculous hours, like three, four a.m. But as you know I’ve been
travelling a hell of a lot at the moment and it does
really wear you out guys. And I kind of feel like I do this one nap and just catch up on some sleep. And I don’t feel too well either, I just got a little bit
of a headache and stuff but wow, this vlog’s been a
bit of a weird one you know. Them injections, I completely
expected them to like erg. We did that hilarious prank on my dad which genuinely couldn’t
have gone any better that was the funniest thing. And I really hope you guys
have enjoyed this vlog a little bit more of a chilled vlog but I’ve enjoyed it guys and
I really hope you have too. Remember to subscribe to
my channel if you’re new to help me hit my major goal
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below, descriptions below? The description below. Get hyped for these hats by the way because they’re gonna be out soon More information will be coming your way very, very soon in the vlogs. And guys one more time I really hope you’ve enjoyed the video and as always I’ve been Morgs, you
guys have been awesome and I’ll see you in my next video. Peace out! – If you enjoyed the
video then remember to subscribe to Morgsy’s channel and don’t forget to leave a like if you have a big penis. Thanks for watching, peace out.

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  1. Guys i've got some bad news, unfortunately, i had to go to hospital. This was one of the scariest moments of my life…

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  2. I have to go to the hospital every month I have fainted after injection I am full on scared even though I am twelve years old and have a injection each month

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