You know what he needs more sauce. I’m in Las Vegas right now And I’m so excited for today’s video because this is one of the most exciting restaurants in the world. It’s also slightly Problematic and I’m gonna show you why in just a second This is basically a hospital themed restaurant and it’s called the Heart Attack Grill And the whole theme of the restaurant is basically surrounding being unhealthy and eating a lot of food Which is a very problematic concept but I’ve always wanted to come here. They actually have scales outside the restaurant and if you weight over 350 pounds. I think you actually eat for free So I also heard that if you don’t finish your food they spank you and I’m not joking this is actually real so we’re gonna go downstairs and just check this place and hopefully it’s gonna be as amazing as Everyone says that it will be. So, I just go here to the Heart Attack Grill And this is kind of what it looks like from the outside. Some people are weighing themselves outside That’s like a giant scale because if you weight over 350 pounds you actually go inside and you eat for free as much as you want So I guess these are the rules if you weigh more than 350 pounds this place is absolutely Insane that’s definitely something to be proud of and also I need to create one of these for me guys. I feel like it’s time So this is what happens if you don’t finish it me so Get inside now. So this is what it looks like on the inside Its got like a giant prescription drug there and everybody here is just wearing the same thing We’re all dressed like we’re the hospital, which I think is hilarious So this is what the menu looks like you can get this thing Which is called a coronary dog. I know it’s technically morning time But I really feel like getting the onion rings or the chili cheese fries is for the burgers You can add up to 40 bacon slices That doesn’t sound like it’s very good for you And they’ve also got milkshakes as well and all the menus are is just on the tables so you don’t really have to like worry Too much about what you’re gonna order Wow someone gets eat for free I am horrified guys with the videos they play here I thought this place was like problematic, but I didn’t know expect as much Me though like actually me. This is what my dreams are like So I already talked with milkshake and he comes with butter that’s butter on the side This is I’ve never seen butter on a chocolate milkshake ever I think Excited said that they’re milkshakes have the most amount of fat out of any Milkshakes ever and that’s probably because it comes with butter on it It’s also so incredibly to make that you can literally use a spoon to get the milkshake. Let’s give it a try them It’s so thick it’s actually not coming out I don’t know if they put butter in the actual milkshake bar. It tastes so good It isn’t things like butter just it’s so incredibly sweet I could honestly have the whole thing in like one goal is so so again, it must be like an insane amount of calories They were that I kinda wanna try the butter milk shake The butter actually tastes pretty good for this It is a lot sugar. It’s very rich is very very good So what is about to be spanked because they didn’t finish their food. So I’m gonna film it for you guys Then going to show you what I ordered My food is just arrived, so I’m going to show you guys everything that I for tonight wasn’t a lot of things and So this is chili hot dog, I think it’s called the… Coronary or something like that. Everything’s gonna chili on it. This is some chili cheese fries There’s barely any cheese it’s mostly chili, but this is so much like it’s some incredibly heavy, like I am not joking. Okay. So this is the classic one, which is the burger. They also say select which is much bigger. I just went for a tiny one cuz I wanted to try a little bit of everything. And my favorite and one of the most excited to try the onion rings. I don’t know why I never ever order these So this is everything that I ordered. You have a great time Would you look at the size of this hotdog and also the fun Billy Ray Cyrus’s playing in the background. This is so big. I don’t even know who to hold crazy to like a workout Wow this sausage is very very delicious It’s so big though, but very very flavorful This is so much bigger than he even looks like it’s so so much food The chilies the best part but there’s so much of them getting full already and they’ve literally made no progress here I’m dead guys. This is absolutely delicious Where was I’m allowed to be worried? Have all people looking for me weird because everyone has been just as messy. I think everything is covered in chili. Want to try some of the chili alone I am officially disease which actually makes sense begins. We are at the Heart Attack Grill. Let’s try the onion rings next Wow Isn’t it the biggest amount of onion rings you guys have ever seen I’m gonna get some of the sauce. I’m gonna try the onion rings with this sauce. I think it’s like sour cream with like herbs I mean that’s literally not even an onion ring. That’s like an onion butthole You know what he needs more sauce. Wow I really like the hot dog but I think the onion rings are my favorite so far. I was so overwhelmed right now. I don’t even know what to try next I feel like if should tried the burger I really feel like bread right now because I’ve eaten so much of it This burger is actually pretty big and this is the smallest burger. They do there’s no smaller than this I’m gonna put it together because it sort of came like You look at that that is the smallest burger they do guys. Let’s give it a try Oh my god I’ve got no words. The best part of this burger is the bacon the bacon is so incredibly crispy It’s just so good This is the best bacon I’ve ever eaten in my whole life like honestly, Ihop can’t even compare to this The meat is also very flavorful, but you can’t even compare to the bacon Like I would happily eat just the bread and the bacon now if you like the ideal meal here I’m so underwhelming to be eating all this food and then drinking water like that personally doesn’t make any sense I’m so used to flavor of diet coke that I really don’t like the normal one. Just kind of know why So I’m gonna have some more of the chili cheese fries. I kinda want to fork for this I would. There’s bacon in the chili cheese fries Wow Everything here taste of bacon everything here tastes of like delicious because it got so much fat in it. I’ve no complaining. I promise but get some of these fries When you get past the layers of chili, which is a lot of bed it’s almost like 50% chili There’s so much cheese underneath which is just great one of my favorite things you guys is while I’m eating There’s there’s people like walking by on the street and just for was of me like Look at those people dress in the hospital gown eating an insane amount of fast food Can’t blame them and I also love going to the zoo I’m also getting kind of worried because I’m definitely gonna be spanked because there’s no way I’m gonna finish it in 50% of this it There’s no one thing in here that I didn’t love honestly everything is widely delicious Keeping it real my favorite is definitely the bacon It’s called The Heretic wheel so I guess they really know what they’re doing With their fat but the bacon here, it’s just something else this owning ring looks seriously messed up, me if I was in ring It’s so crispy as well like it’s very very crispy even though you probably can’t hear it I choke on this onion ring and I looked at his lady. She was literally Keeping icons I could use the whole time with her like moving It made me feel so incredibly uncomfortable someone else is getting spank right now That’s gonna happen to me like I haven’t finished any of theirs like the burger is still here I’ve still got so many onion rings Guys I’m no joke, you’re actually getting very very much more ate because it’s definitely gonna get spanked Getting so incredible full right now, like I can’t even think about like get more food right now, I’m terrified Imagine for the bill because I know what’s gonna happen after I’m just gonna sit here and say sip on my cholate shake like the next like 15 minutes in complete fear Why did he think this was a good idea this rumor makes no sense, and I’m deeply Regretting my decision to ordering all of these call foods I order so much so you guys could see like all the items So if you ever come here You know what to expect but I’ve eaten so much that I feel like I’m about to give birth I also kind of look like I’m about to give birth which is interesting and interesting look So I just got the bill and it came down to 46 dollars, but I love how they put the food as medical services So it says medical services $43, which I think is hilarious. Thank you for choosing us for your surgical needs. I love that Haslem why did you bail him through? With all the shaking and that’s about it for this video guys. I really hope you guys enjoyed it I had the best time this place is absolutely insane But the food was delicious and I think if you come with your friends This would be a very random Very fun place to especially if you don’t explain to someone the concept before I think people would be very much weirded out But the food is actually good So I really hope you guys had a good time If you enjoyed the video, please don’t forget to give it a like also Don’t forget to subscribe and switch my notifications on I know I say this in every video, but honestly I know that at least one of you guys has just click the notifications for the first time right now So that’s definitely worth it I love you guys, and I will see you on my next video, which is probably going to be in two days. Bye. Bye

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  1. heart attack grill is something i might eat and the end of my life cuz its so unhealthy you get a heart attack you know watch video s is you dont believe me

  2. For people who think its wrong to get hit the workers ask you if you want to get hit and the workers also ask about how hard they would want to be hit.

  3. if I went there I would probably just order some fries and the bacon burger literally it xD that's only if I go alone so that I finish everything but if I'm with friends then time to get a heart attack lmao

  4. When the song “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard” in the background I died from laughter😂😂this seems like the best restaurant ever I would love to go there❤️😂

  5. It's not healthy food as you know. You say the food is good because of the taste but good taste doesn't mean it's good food, everything is disgusting. The owner doesn't care for your wellbeing, he wants to see fat people chomp and chomp down until they die, he's a businessman who only cares about money, and I like him because he sees that there are people who can't be changed who just gorge on food until they die.

  6. Wow, I really want to go to Heart Attack Grill to see what it's like! Looks good but aww, I feel bad for you because of how nervous you are!

  7. Hey everyone who is afraid to go here because of the spanking thing you don’t actually have to be you can say no and they won’t

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