I Treated My Ringworm At The Lowest Reviewed HOSPITAL In LA (1 STAR)

What’s up guys!? I was daily vlogging tonight just like it was gonna go in like a regular vlog like I went to the Grammys and then I was gonna go to the hospital and it was gonna be a day in the life and so basically I have ringworm crippling crippling crippling ringworm Emma chamberlain got it and then I was trying to like be really relatable and like stay young with the viewers so I got it too i Stayed in a sketchy-er Airbnb in Toronto and we slept in the beds and I think I got it there but it Also just looked like a cut after that and then I went swimming in Mexico like in the hotel pools and you know how hotel pools are like it was a huge one like a resort one with like lots of little kids and stuff and so I think like the water in The cut made the ring or it was already ringworm and I’m just like being overly paranoid I don’t fucking know I saw an online doctor love 2019 they told me to put cream on it my dad gets ringworm a lot because he Was like in the war and like Vietnam and like a cat like bit him Or like whatever so now he’s like mad Susceptible doing can’t really be around cats unless he like gets ringworm or he’s just like crazy I really I really can’t like figure it Out so I’ve just been thinking it’ll go away and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger And like inflamed and I’ve been trying to go to the doctor every day but I really Suck at leaving the house before 9 p.m. Like I sound so pathetic So basically right now it is um 10 p.m and I’m so motivated to go to the doctor and doing stuff like this in LA at night if you can find a way is So much easier because there’s no traffic and there’s no like crazy wait times or whatever so basically I could go to the hospital or I could go to a 24 hour Urgent Care but the only 24 hour Urgent Care is in Hollywood, what’s the name of it? la clinica medica de venti quatro horas la clinica medica de venti quatro horas then I saw like a bierto 24 hours it’s rated really poorly the reviews are really bad um I think I’m gonna go try and treat my ring worm there All right sir oh no just throw it stop stop stop Get off my chair get off my chair get off my chair get off my chair get out Mario you can’t just turn off the lights every time I do you think that makes you mad at Brad’s mad at me for going So anyways I heard it’s trendy right now on YouTube to go to places rated one star in your area you know and I’ve seen Restaurants nail salons everything but have you seen anyone treat their ring worm at a one star hospital no you haven’t but you’re about to today oh god kids the trends and the trends Did you just turn your lights off Mario like I know it’s ringworm but like they need to see I’m like arching my back. I’m like why the fuck are you going to a one st- they’re gonna give you something for fucking cancer Brad! It’s a one star you don’t go to a one star doctor. you go to one star restaurant? no pease go If you go to a real one. I’m not going to this fucking I just drank a laxative like I’m not going to sit at a fucking doctors office for six hours Are, we going to the hospital da one star, nooooo i keep thinking i have a hood Before we get going I normally really never do this like I can breathe and I’m gonna get hate Comments and that’s just like a thing and I know that and I try to stay away from just like prefacing a thousand things In order to try to avoid hate because hate is obviously inevitable people are gonna you no matter what but I guess I do want to say really quickly I grew up with no money I don’t want to say poor because youre gonna be like, some people are so much poorer than you but like no fucking money and I’ve never had Insurance my entire life my dad I could be deathly fucking ill and my dad would be like drink milk I got the worst nosebleeds my entire life I was gushing blood out of my face my eyes my ears my mouth Weakly and my parents would never take me to the doctor for it anytime I did go to the doctor it, was absolutely like the lowest of the low like the worst Possible doctor my dad would often do this thing where he would take me to a doctor one time like if I was really sick like dying like for weeks he would finally take me to the doctor we’d go and we’d see the doctor he would choose to get billed and then not pay the bill and then obviously I couldn’t go back to that doctor and He would do this until I was banned from like every doctor and dentist in like all of Las Vegas So then towards the end of me being a teenager I would only go to like the most ghetto like urgent cares please don’t think I’m going here to make fun of people with no money and I know that a lot of people this might be their only option and I’m not negating that at all and I just want to say like I’ve absolutely been there and that is not the punchline of this video and I would hate to see people Spin it in that direction obviously I’m seeing all these one-star videos go everywhere and I wanted to do one and tonight I actually needed to find a 24 hour Urgent Care and it is the only one open around me so I would be going to it no Matter What no fucking joke at all so why not vlog the experience and who knows everything might be just as good as Somewhere else and that ends up being the end of this video who fucking knows *the middle is like so pale* so pale like the skins like dying what if they give me the wrong pills like what if the doctors are like Well I guess you can’t be under-qualified like you they have to have like the same I’ll go but then again I went to obviously lots of one-star doctors all of my fucking childhood and I feel like they always treated my shit like pretty normally but they were Always like really rude guys I’m about to use my new insurance I know that that’s not exciting at all for literally anyone Watching this video but like I said I grew up poor as fuck and I never had thank you Health insurance, oh should I not show it But this is my health insurance card! I’ve literally never had these, i didn’t even know these existed until like two weeks ago like I’m so excited to walk up and be like yeah I’m insured I’ve literally never had insurance this is so exciting I loved it the first place I’m using my brand-new fancy insurance card isn’t at like a boujey doctor Is that a one-star fucking hospital I was gonna say my parents would be so proud but they literally wouldn’t like they don’t care at all about Insurance so perfect time to flex my supreme pants because they go right below my ring worm guys ashleys gonna film a high qual video of my ring worm. With gloves on Am I shaking are you sha- I think we’re shaking we’re shaking Like I literally have ringworm Brad still fucks me doggy style too that’s love like I wonder if the whole time he’s fucking me He’s just like oh my god like she is ring worm. you still fuck me like from behind when I have ring worm. I heard You say this coming down the hallway. Are you grossed out? Oh no. do you think about it the whole time? i lick it being so fucking Pissy right now guys I’ve been having to fucking beg Mario and Brad to go with me newsflash Brad you’re my boyfriend newsflash Mario you’re also sick like why don’t you want to go to the one star hospital at fucking midnight You Know how crazy or that’s the fucking crazy part like you laugh at yourself because you know it’s psycho to go to this hospital at 1 am You’re with the iconic Haley Eileen She’s rushing to a dick appointment so we’re actually up rushing to a one-star doctor so that Haley can Also make her dick appointment and I just thought that was a quintessential element of this vlog We’re here the like sign not being lit up that says open 24 hours is me this is terrifying lets go this back, alley it’s like a lot Ok go off Versace mansion. ok relax. ok everything is like pretty normal. the paparazzi’s waiting for us oh but you can also just like go in rooms, like no one’s like wait baby look yeah, we can just like walk around like How am I just like allowed in these spaces, oh my god this is playing Drake this is just like bumpin to drake It’s 1 am Brennan Jake Jake Taylor like When they go into the one star places he like goes and takes the camera and like reviews like the bathroom hes like oh so Like the bathroom is really nice so that would be like oh like the water fountain doesn’t work, ok Ok, ok the water fountain doesn’t work tina! Mario just looked at every single person in the lobby there’s probably ten fucking people and was like yes she has ringworm and it’s fucking disgusting to every person and they all laughed Oh my god, wait sink being rested on two pool noodles is me. if we die we die together You laughing at my ringworm? no. do you think it’s funny? wait I’m like taking a thumbnail health are you holding your breath right now? alright so 128 i’ve got 5’8″ are you sure I’ve been putting on my instagram bio 5’9″ for a year now These are like the pool sticks right what are they called like fun sticks or like. yeah like a pool noodle pool. its a fucking pool noodle what if the doctors like we need a full physical. no you just wanna cough while someone’s holding your balls two times a day for at least 2 weeks I already did that like put cream on it and it didn’t go away you didn’t use right ones Oh, yeah, oh okay, different kind.all doctors not created equal sorry all basketball players not be equal thats the fuckin tea I know I don’t believe that all men are created.. theyre not some are some people fucking suck. Some are uglier than others thats the way it goes. not everyone should get into medical school i’ve been sick for like two weeks now. she’s literally infected So are you. A zombie bit your back And your pillow should we changed to foam rubber and your your blankets they should be made of cotton okay and your pajamas should be Made of cotton not wool. I don’t think this is allergies because I’ve been Well anyway Venus and then good luck to go find another doctor but you listen I’m 78 years old I’m experienced. yeah? yea. I Saw cuz for the free country you can go find another one thats brighter than me. no no I don’t think you’re wrong at all I I try to get you out of here quick. Yeah Anyway so I’ve been taking nyquil and dayquil Nyquil and Dayquil are just colored water. yeah yeah yeah. Beautiful nice advertisement they make money here yeah Exactly so do you think you could just prescribe me a zpac so I can just take that for the next five days Yeah. this is not english Well you came here for help so. I’m trying to give it to you dude instead of just ignore you’d like like like your nothing youre awesome i don’t know about awesome but I I do know we have a lot of Chinese …. I’ll be right back okay thank you first of all before you start comparing why’d you try to get into medical school that was hard You’re not fucking wrong I couldn’t do it. But the especially was easy cuz I became a good student. You’re awesome and we love you i dont know about awesome but im 78. Let’s go off 78 Pay me for being here hey guys. hand sanitizer… there’s none thats that on that folks Give you two injections one TechSmith injecton. Wait wait inject- like. oh no Yeah, no I’m not getting. Okay though ones for an inflammatory. what’s inflamed? what’d he say, was inflamed? You have a little inflammation I’ll take the severe Tylenol You can’t convince them to smuggle you a z-pack. Like I know you can’t. but you and me both know that I do not need to fucking ejections it’s what the doctor ordered and I have a cold. I don’t know why you’re so defensive like the doctor prescribed you medicine he also wanted to give me shots and told me to change my pillowcases cuz it’s gonna face you Any kind of open mind. I think I’m gonna faint. If youre gonna faint dont faint here i feel that. we’ll faint outside yeah like on the corner thank you. wait but doctor i don’t feel good i will take the injections now I fuckin trust him. he said square up. I said inject me No I’m not gonna lie to you guys I’m not gonna lie I’m not I got here and I was really questioning everything I was like it was normal? Doctor’s office everything’s fucking fine like if you guys are ever in the area and you want to check out the place Gabriel at the front desk because our new best friend he’s amazing everything, was. Dont fucking coming here the doctor just right *whispered* the doctor tried to fight mario So Mario, was like doc I don’t feel good and started like making screaming motions as a joke it Was like oh don’t try to fight me I’ll forget I’m a doctor. yeah he said he said don’t threaten me don’t try to fight me I’ll forget I’m a doctor real quick like if you want to fight the doctor literally just tried to fight mario But still like a regular doctor wouldn’t do that dude Also, you were like I feel like I’m gonna die and he was like okay? Well can you please die off the property and have, someone drag your body away because like I don’t want to deal with that like literally What would I rate this well that’s a good question here I’m like it goes one by one maybe nobody do You want me to pay you how much are you paying me to be here, also all this Tyson saying you up alright so you gonna be applying this twice a day You know Dude Yeah medicine for cheaters Yeah that was scary I’m not gonna lie like I know I can be very obnoxious like very like annoying you literally said all Forget I’m a doctor, well deal with the cross from a strip club It’s a cross from a strip club how did we miss that How is an Antibiotic that’s stronger than a z-pack right For a cold not to mention two injections not to mention you didn’t get the injections are stronger Antibiotic is good what I trus.. tana why would I trust someone giving me one answer Don’t throw it out the window don’t Bah did you already tell your dick appointment that you’re on your way yes okay? What are you prescribe you he prescribed me a steroid? may treat Spinal chord injury Maybe you have anaphilicasis Masculinis Bourree syndrome why did he give me exactly what I needed i HAVE A FUCKING COLD Yes sir I do and then he gave me a steroid for LUPUS. My favorite part is when he called Dayquil colored water I Mean I could take it for my Kousaka dry this to be real take it for your fucking lupus I’m just so taken aback because it’s not like you tried to fight him or you were mean to him like he tried to fight you it’s Okay, you were like Gucci flip-flops and he, was like fucking hit you bitch in my sock. Brad washing my ringworm for me Yeah when he cleans your ringworm. Men who clean your ringworm All right guys it’s a healthy 5 a.m. Right now and we are back home in bed Haley is off at her dick appointment mario, has to go back to the doctor tomorrow Z-pak but I just and by I I mean Brad just treated my ringworm I’m on the road to recovery so tonight it’s kind of a successful night for me I’m not gonna lie to you guys I got some great content I met an amazing new friend Gabriel and My ringworm was treated but Mario definitely not on the same page as me anything you have to say good night

100 thoughts on “I Treated My Ringworm At The Lowest Reviewed HOSPITAL In LA (1 STAR)

  1. Nobody:
    Literally nobody:
    Tana: lOoK aT mY iNsUrAnCe CaRd
    Also tana: scratches her ringworm touches everything she sees

  2. So I watched this like a week ago and I come to find out that I have a ringworm what have you done tana🤣🤣🤣

  3. Tana: Oh you go to 1 star nail salons? Cute, I go to 1 star urgent care for my infectious ring worm… we are not the same 😂


  4. I feel like at the end when they were saying the medecins name it was like the Sims talking 😂😂
    "take it for your fucking lupis bitch" 😂😂

  5. In 2019 like,
    Brad: "Do you have medicine for cheaters?"
    Me: Ya here take it twice a day till your not such an a**

  6. I KNOW WHY BRAD WAS ASKING IF THEY HAD MEDICINE FOR CHEATERS. He was going to take it before Tana found out so he wouldn't lose Tana's fame and money

  7. Gurl you spreaded that shit EVERYWHERE 😂 it made me so anxious cos I had ringworm at one point and boi…it did not only stay on my arm

  8. They're literally making fun of a doctor doing his job. Dont get it. This is when tana acted dumb though so…..shes grown up alot. Shes still tana. But grown up. And side note is nothing good enough for Mario, I mean jesus. Annoying. And he didnt try to fight you. He said dont threaten me. And I'd be a dick too to his little annoying ass.

  9. Oh Wow, this Mario is something. Steroids calm inflammations. If u have flu-like symptoms, then ur upper respiratory tract is most likely inflamed. The Doctor correctly prescribed you steroids (i’m guessing Prednisone) & antibiotics. Yes, he was inappropriate, but the diagnosis & medication were proper. Try learning things before before acting a fool.

  10. I just realized that she changed her channel name to Tana Paul !!! It just made me so happy!!! 😆😆😆

  11. Soooooo I work at a dermatology office andddddd I could’ve helped you get rid of that with over the counter meds 🤷🏻‍♀️

  12. I had ring worms on my face and my mom but clear nail polish that shit burned bc it was so strong and it was next to my eye but it worked they were gone in like a week

  13. the doctor was pretty rude but Mario was also being an ass I’d get salty too like imagine trying to do ur fucking job and a bunch of annoying whole ass adults come in being loud and rude as hell like id tell them to leave too the fuck

  14. Thought I had ringworm
    Really reeeeaaalllyy bad ringworm
    Like 40ish ones all over my torso
    Turns out I have psoriasis ✌🏼

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