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  1. Hannah!!!! What happened in the room you talked about! Did you ever make a video if you processed it or not!?? Xxxxxxx

  2. I had uc and now had a stoma fitted 7 weeks ago and it has given me a new life I feel so much better now

  3. I had emergency hernia surgery in late April of this year. I came to the hospital via the emergency room cause 911 was called and the doctors and nurses who saw me in emergency called and woke up the head gastro surgeon at 3 in the morning. I ended up having a stoma and all that entails but I thankfully am having reversal surgery in October. Your vids are awesome and help normalize having a stoma for whatever reason a person has one. I wish you the best in life and health

  4. I went through this for one year finally after 9 times in ER and shit load of meds decided to have part of my colon taken out.omg it was so painful lost 38 lb.
    3 weeks after my surgery still have pain and going through more testing.there are times I wish I can die so much pain and really can not eat much food.
    I just had colposcopy and things did not look so good but waiting for more tests results.
    Folks take care of your eating and take care of your body

  5. Amazing video. Thanks for sharing, and for being so open and honest. I remember so well some of your experiences! After my first surgery, when Kermit, my stoma, was created, I woke up with the NG tube. When I got an obstruction due to my parastomal hernia nearly 2 years later, I was throwing up and they put in the NG tube and I think that was the worst experience ever… I had to have emergency surgery for that repair. Then last year (2018) they again attempted to repair the hernia and this time I didn’t have the NG tube, but 2 weeks later I was back in for nearly 3 weeks with sepsis, and two large infected haematomas in my abdomen. I had 2 drains and was in constant pain throughout my stay. My hubby told me that the nurse said if they hadn’t got my temperature down in the first 48 hours, I would have died… By the summer, the wretched hernia was back, and I’m now under observation and have been referred to a colorectal surgeon at another hospital for a second opinion, and am due to have the CT scan he ordered tomorrow. I will probably have to have further surgery.

    I hate being on the low residue diet. White, beige and boring and soooo not good for you!! I now enjoy a largely whole-food, plant based diet very rich in fibre and both Kermit and I love it. Really healthy and with enormous health benefits for preventing and even reversing serious chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, and also a great aid to weight loss. If I have to have further surgery I hope they won’t put me on the white, beige and boring diet again!

    I had ulcerative colitis throughout my colon and remember oh so well the awful cramps and diarrhoea. Then I got colon cancer and the whole lot had to come out. Best thing that happened to me! Bet you’ve never heard anyone call cancer a blessing before, have you! I am generally pretty well since it all happened. I had my initial surgery in March 2015 and wouldn’t trade Kermit for all the tea in China.

  6. You have been through a lot I can tell you a lot some people that have no problems do not realised what we go through it’s good to have good support network I can’t tell you to much on here have you got a lovely family I now live day by day I would love to tell you a lot I can’t on you are very lovely I am here if you want a chat you have a big heart 💖💖💋💋 take care from Chris xxx

  7. Girly your doing great. You seem to be recovering fast. So happy for you. Yes recovering can be a bitch. Four months ago I woke up from a coma in an ICU unit too. Only I didn't know how I got there, and I had tubes in me, and a machine breathing for me. You said you were weal. I woke and couldn't lift my hands more then 4-6 inches. My first thoughts were that I must have been in a bad car crash or something like that. I looked myself over as best I could. All my body parts were still intact. The breathing tube was so big in my throat, that I couldn't even make a grunting sound. I understand about being weak, and the recovery process can be very overwhelming. I had to re-learn everything physically. After 3 days I remembered going to the Emergency Room, and why I was there. By the fourth day post-coma I had my memory all come rushing back into my brain. Now that was a strange trip. The ICU kept me for a term until I could pull myself up to a sitting position without help from anyone else. That was the hardest. I had been so ill that it zapped all my body strength. If not for the machine breathing for me so my body could start to build back up, I would have died. My lungs stopped working to move oxygen through my body. Causing my body to start shutting down. I had no strength period. I struggled bad to sit up. Had to be fed like a new baby. My husband never left my side the nurses said. I couldn't even go to the bathroom with out someone to tend to me. I couldn't bathe. I couldn't stand or walk. Couldn't control my hands t dress myself. I still have a hard tome doing my buttons. Ir was a journey I never want to take again. This is my first week of being done with physical therapy. I got to put the walker away. All of this was due to Double Pneumonia. Something I have had 5 times no, but NEVER ANYTHING LIKE THIS LAST TIME. I am grateful to be alive, and so grateful for all the people who prayed for me night and day. I know that is what kept me going. I awoke with a new respect for my God who love's me. Two weeks ago on Friday, My baby sister died from cancer. Her passing was very ugly. Her last words will be with me always. She screamed HELP ME, HELP ME !!! PLEASE!!! then she died. I have yet to cry, but feel her gone in my soul. Feel sad because I couldn't fix everything for her. I couldn't take her pain for her. Couldn't take the fear from her. She was so scared to die. I guess I'm still in shock. There was to many things going on with my own health that I couldn't be there for her at her lives end. She was to come live with me to die. So I could care for her. We had made all the arrangements for Hospice and a nurse to travel with me so I could drive the 8 hour trip to get her. And Boom I fall ill over night and in 6 hours I'm almost dead. Doctors said @ 4:30 am that I would not have made it until dawn. Not being there for her is not acceptable in my heart. Though I couldn't help her. I couldn't even help myself. Lucky you and who ever reads this. Be grateful for every second of everyday. Everything could change in the blink of an eye.💔 💔 💔 💔 💔.

  8. Thank you for keeping this informative video of your journey up for those of us who are following the path you have already traveled. Ran across your video while searching for information on ileostomy surgery. Today I met with the surgeon who so kindly invited me to join the social club of “ostomits” as I think you called it. Thank you for helping me understand the processes you experienced in your journey. Probably have surgery in the next week or two. My colon hung in there for 40 years so I’m feeling a bit blessed but like you, this flare is the end of the line. Welcome to stoma life. 🤕

  9. Glad everything went alright in the end. I had elective surgery once for something else and the post op pain is excruciating, I had to get my mum to dress me for 2 weeks due to the pain. One of my friends had really severe UC when he was 16 and had to get a total colectomy and permanent stoma. He also lost lots of weight, but is doing well now

  10. I had stoma surgery known as a “MITROFANOFF” and bladder Augmentation Sept 2018. I didn’t feel like “me” again until early January 2019.

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