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When I do ear candling, you start feeling
a sound of sizzling. I call it a bacon sizzling. My name is Kiah Jones, and I’m getting ear
candling done today. Since I was young, I’ve always had
a throbbing in my left ear. When I told my mom about it, she took me to the doctor, and they said that it was psycho-symptomatic. I do think I have trouble hearing due to this issue. Ever since then, I’ve always dealt with it. I went to the doctor recently and told them, “Look I need to have it figured out.” When they clean my ear out, I have
seen how much ear wax comes out, and it’s not pretty. I had heard about ear candling before and had
seen some YouTube videos on it, but I’ve never tried it. But I’m super excited to meet Polina and
to have my ears cleaned out. My name is Polina Bowler, and I am the owner
and head acupuncturist at the East Meets West Center for Holistic Medicine. The idea of East Meets West came when I was
studying in college. I do respect tremendously Western Medicine. I think it’s incredible, but I also love
Eastern medicine. And for me, always, the real medicine is in
conjunction with Eastern and Western methodologies because both have incredible things. That’s where East Meets West Was born. Ear candling is a bit of a mystery. Nobody really knows how it works. Scientifically, it doesn’t make any sense. It’s really hard to find where the tradition comes from. I’ve been doing it for 12, 13 years at least. And every single person feels a relief. I’m gonna light the candles. Since signing up for the video, I’ve done
some research on ear candling, and I’m excited for it. But again, just worried about the burning
flame near my head. Tell me what’s going on with your ears. So, I’ve always had a throbbing in this
left ear, like it always is like, “Boom boom, boom boom.” So it’s a pulsating, it’s not a sound? No, yeah, it’s pulsating. Pulsating. Let’s try and see what happens. You’re gonna hear sizzling. It’s the warm smoke that goes in and melts
whatever impurities that are there. It is a total of about 20 minutes on each side. Woah. I have not seen any patients that have had
bad experiences with ear candling. People come to get it when they have the beginning
of a cold or a flu, and it helps them. I think the best thing you can do is put a
drop of olive oil or coconut oil in your ear. It’s really gonna help you with health of your ears. Alright, you’re ready for the next one? Yes. I really want to see how much ear wax is coming
out, like will I be able to make my own candle? The pivotal point in the procedure is everyone
can’t wait to see what comes out of their ears. From what I look and tell, it’s not really
anything that’s coming out of a person’s ear because it doesn’t have the vacuum effect. For many years, I absolutely convinced that that is wax. Now that it’s become such a controversy,
and I started looking more into it, I don’t know. I don’t know if that’s what it is. Either way, I really don’t think it matters. What matters is that the person feels better, feels better immediately. I don’t really need any more proof than that. They look like little ear wax cigars. Well that’s a good one. That was your bad left ear. That’s about how much came out at the doctor’s. Really? Yeah. Cool! Gross, but cool. I just have to keep coming back, and when
I have a candle, then I’m a real member. There you go. Just a couple of years. Well, I mean, how big that is, I don’t think
it’ll take a few years. That’s pretty big, yeah. Well, two little bundles. I’m assuming the darker stuff is the ear
wax and maybe the lighter stuff is the beeswax? Maybe. Yeah, maybe. It felt like a really big headphone in my ear. I didn’t necessarily feel the heat. I more so heard the sizzling of my ear wax. As the fire came closer to my face, obviously,
I started feeling it a little more. Ready to part? Yeah, we’re parting. Get outta me. It’s been almost a month now since I’ve
had the procedure, and my ears definitely feel a lot less pressurized. They feel cleaner, which I’m kind of embarrassed
to say. I don’t necessarily know if I’m hearing
better, but I feel a difference. So, maybe I just don’t listen. Personally, I’m kind of a one or done type
of person. I just wanted to try ear candling, so since
I put that off my list, I feel I’m good. But I wouldn’t mind trying it again. There are good indications that it is already
happening, and that is for the Eastern and Western medicine to come together. Everything works together, everything is
connected, and that is what is holistic. I hope that people start taking their
health and the things that they’re feeling into their own hands. Get to the answer, because if it makes you
feel good, that’s all that matters. Thank you for watching Refinery29. To watch more videos, click here. To subscribe, click here.

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  1. How many times do people have to prove that ear candling doesn't work?? The stuff in the candle afterwards is the remains of the burnt candle.
    It's all placebo effect.

  2. So I tried ear candling. As an experiment, though, I also burned an ear candle in an empty glass. When I cut it open, it produced the same amount of waxy looking gunk as the one i burned in my ear. So, I'm skeptical that stuff is ear wax and not just wax from the candle itself.

  3. la cera que sale al abrir el trapillo no es de tu oído, no sube por capilaridad! es la cera que se va derritiendo de el trapillo y se deposita al fondo de éste, that is fake is not your wax!

  4. Ear candling is fake as hell, good job spreading fake medical procedures as real. Super classy look, Refinery.

  5. Idk if it’s different in different cultures but I’m Hispanic and my Mexican dad does this for us sometimes but it’s not to remove wax. It’s to remove air from your ear. At least that’s what it does for us if we feel a lot of pressure or feel like there water in our ear.

  6. What next on this channel? Blood letting? How much mercury to ingest to properly balance the humors?
    Leeches for getting rid of cellulite?
    When alternative medicine works, it is just called …medicine.
    Superstitious Morons.

  7. For all of you pointing out that the stuff from the inside of the candle was already there, this lady even says that herself on this video. She also says that the smoke from the bottom of the candle is what is doing the work and she dosen't believe the end result is earwax because, "it does not create a vacuum effect." I myself have had ear candling done and i think it actually made my ear worse. However, I had to comment as it seems the people saying, "its not ear wax it was already there," must not have actually watched this video. Otherwise, they would have known she said that already. Therefore, why comment and have a discussion on a video you didn't even watch. I see this all the time and it makes no sense to me. Don't comment on things unless you actually took the time to watch the content. 😒🙄

  8. I don't know where the mystery is, shouldn't the earwax smell completely different from whatever she's using on those scrolls? They just have to smell it to know if it's human lmao.

  9. "If it makes you feel good, that's all that matters."

    What an appalling msg to be promoting o_0 We call nonsense like this "alternative medicine" because it's NOT medicine and DOES NOT WORK. If it worked, it would just be called medicine and doctors would be offering it at their clinics! But it doesn't, so only a handful of shady doctors do.

    The biggest danger of alternative medicine is that it tends to prevent people from seeking actual medical assessment & treatment. Diseases go undiagnosed for years, while patients suffer needlessly, because some naturopath assured them she had all the answers 🙄

    And then, there are those scam artists who target chronically ill people, for whose diagnoses modern medicine does not yet have a cure. They claim they can give these desperate people hope, but all they do is charge them a fortune for hocus pocus BS.

    Please do not waste your money on unproven quackery like this. These so-called therapies often carry more risk than verified medical treatments & can cause very real harm. If you feel that your GP isn't taking you seriously, see someone else or push for a referral to a relevant specialist.

    Doctors are fallible humans & medical bias is a huge problem. Your doctor is wrong to be dismissive of your concerns. That doesn't mean modern medicine has failed you — just that you saw a bad doctor. Find a better one. These "holistic health" charlatans will NOT help you.

  10. This has a lot of associated risks and going to your primary or an ENT is much safer. Please consult your doctor before trying anything that has no empirical evidence behind it.

  11. I think I’m done now. Refinery is getting too out there for me. As an educated person I feel I need to unsucribe from this.

  12. This is interesting to see. HOWEVER this Woman doesn't seem to be knowledgeable enough about what's coming out let alone whether or not it works. 😒

  13. No this is not real, not one bit and you big companies that do videos have to start doing more research on the matter and quite giving false results.

  14. It felt skeptical when she said there was no scientific proof and that she doesn't need proof and all that shit that was hella putting me off

  15. “Scientifically it doesn’t make any sense”

    Ok, red flag 1. Even Chinese medicine, scientifically, makes sense. How body parts are connected to one another, herbs and minerals, cupping, etc. But this? A joke. Things should be able to make sense, not everything is “magic”

  16. When something can’t be proven scientifically and as the expert said herself “ Scientifically it makes no sense” it means it’s PLACEBO. Also if you’re gonna say : WELL THERE WAS WAX THERE! Just put a candle in a jar and do the same, you’ll see that when you cut it open the same waxy stuff comes out

  17. LMFAO..that is NOT a holistic remedy….it is an old folk remedy.

    And yes if your doctor tells you you are a mental patient, guess what?

    You are a mental patient.

  18. This doctor checked someone’s ear before and after candling—no wax was removed whatsoever. In fact, soot was ADDED to the wax. Do your research, y’all. —> https://youtu.be/CQJt1LWH32k

  19. Wtf that's not ear wax.
    How can ear wax enter into the pipe to that height its fake as shit.
    If that was in your ear you won't be able to hear anything.

  20. Christ is this one a scam

    I enjoy the more sensible videos like the piercings or the laser hair removals but this??? Nah Son

  21. This girl really said put coconut oil and olive oil in your ear????? That's a receipe for clogging skin pores and attracting bacteria. Please don't do this.

  22. "The most sastifying effect is what comes out their ears, but its not really anything coming out of a person's ear because it does not have the vacuum effect"

    Girl: Maybe the darker spot is the ear wax, and the lighter part is bees wax"
    Woman: "Maybe"

    Ya'll need to gtfohwtbs.

  23. I wouldn’t want someone to say “Let’s see what happens” right before they put a flaming object in my body cavity.

  24. You are advocating holding an OPEN FLAME near your FACE, EYES, HAIR, and EAR CANAL… for NO REASON…

    Ear candling is nothing more than a magician's trick: the "ear wax" and "toxins" that appear to come out of your ear are already inside the candle, and will appear regardless of where you light and hold the candle. The same results happen if you light it over a clean dish or plate…

    The risk of permanent damage to your hearing, eyesight, or facial scarring from dripping, hot wax massively outweighs any potential benefit from the placebo effect you might get from this procedure.

    To prove this, see below links for studies in peer-reviewed medical journals describing such incidents, where people have suffered from getting hot dripping wax in their ear canal from this stupid procedure, leading to perforated eardrum and permanent hearing loss, irritation from wax bits in the ear and so forth: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2231549/

    The FDA in the States has received reports of:
    perforated eardrums

    ear canal blockages that required surgery

    burns to the face, outer ear, eardrum, and inner ear
    burns resulting from starting a fire

    candle wax falling into the ear and causing a plug or inner ear damage

    hearing loss
    secondary ear canal infections

    ash coating the eardrum

    Source: https://www.healthline.com/health/cosmetic-safety/ear-candling#complications

    I'm unsubscribing from Refinery29, not giving this dangerous quackery any more attention.

  25. This whole thing is bullshit… sad you're promoting scams. This "procedure" has been disproven by science. The fact that the woman doing this "procedure" says it doesn't matter is ridiculous considering she's taking people's money! Shame.

  26. Congratulations people you figured out it was a scam. Now please tell me why do y'all keep regurgitating the same comments? Wtf it doesn't sound any better or different after it's already been said. Grab your cookie and keep it moving with all that.

  27. I'm happy the specialist mentioned that it doesn't actually remove any earwax. The only thing I can think that people might like it for is the heat inside the ear which can be helpful against some forms of pain. As a kid when I had inner ear infection I liked to put a hot water bottle against my ear as it soothed the pain, so it might be something like that…

  28. Ear candling was proven to be false many times over. I love Refinery29 but please stop promoting false procedures.

  29. This that shit my grandma be doin with newspaper when I had an ear infection. I thought it was used to get air out of your ear? Lol.

  30. Maybe it feels better because naturally causes ear wax to move out the ears easier on some people rather when you clean it cold….though I'm pretty sure a whole candle isn't necessary

  31. People say this doesn’t work. I wouldn’t care if it worked or not, it looks relaxing. I feel like the sound would be sooo satisfying.

  32. Just go to your GP or see an ENT? Getting your ears flushed with water by a nurse or doctor will rid earwax, not a candle.

  33. That's residue from the candle. No one should do this. If your ears are blocked, get them flushed at the doctor.

  34. Instead of potentially causing irreparable harm to your ear, there’s literally products that remove the wax in a cleaner, safer way. Take ear drops, for example, they thin the wax and break it down so it can easily come out of your ear. That was the only thing that stopped my ear pain after countless sessions of ear candling.

  35. I get earaches and earwax buildup so I use ear candles at home. I love them❤They work really well for me😊

  36. Unsubbed. This is irresponsible and absolute bullshit. Next you will be rubbing fresh potatoes on you warts and burying it outside under a full moon. Fuck off!

  37. Super dangerous to be spreading around a practice such as ear candling as a safe, reputable practice when there is NO evidence of it working and, again, NOT SAFE

  38. That earwax comming out of her ear was satisfying lol ughhhh !!! I wanna try that! And it's not embarrassing to say that you want a cleaner ear but this thing cleans better no pain ! cotton buds sometimes just push the wax going back in to ur ear

  39. I've had ear candling done and I love it. It works for me. The person I go do takes precautions so I don't get burned and I never have. They do massage with it and it has given me relief that ENTs and meds never ever have given me.

  40. As someone who has had horrible ears and extensive experience with ENT docs (both my eardrums actually have holes in them for reference lol)…this is totally quackery and what she's dealing with is pulsatile tinnitus. It can be caused by anything from high blood pressure that you're hearing pulsing through your arteries to inner ear damage. It's not even all that uncommon. Not sure how no doctor has told her this.

  41. Ear candling doesn't work what so ever! Think about it if the pressure could actually withdrew the wax it would burst your ear drums! Its complete BS and the stuff inside the candle is the wax melting and getting stuck in the end..

  42. Tbh I'm from Poland and I our family it is a tradition, my grandmother and mum do this to every family member at least once a year.

  43. Folks with try any fing thing….this is an obvious bogus practice. You want to hear🙉👂🏾 better clean out your ears with q-tips like the rest of us. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  44. Ion my last year of college I had a huge head ache and could not hear from my right ear… I did the western way with pressurized water to the point that it hurt me, and nothing. Then I bought a ear wax candle for like two bucks at the health food store and I could finally hear again.

  45. This is no mystery, it is basic science. As the candle burns, it creates enough heat to cause a small draw to pull the wax out of the ears. I love having my ears candled, it is very relaxing. I have also candled my children's ears when they were younger and got all kinds of goop out of their ears. It really does work!

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