I got rid of my Acne scars! | TCS Aesthetics Central Clinic| Edge One CO2 Laser Treatment |Session 1

Welcome to IreviewUread! Today I will be introducing to you TCS Aesthetic
Clinic where I will be doing my laser treatment there. So basically, I will be showing this first
session of my laser treatment where it can not only get rid of wrinkles but it also can
get rid of my acne marks too. So I have acne marks like over at my cheeks
here and it really bothered me as a beauty blogger so I decided to just get rid of it. So this is my before Skin condition. There are various acne marks on my cheeks
and nose. I also have uneven skin tone and open pores
my face. Now, I’m going to take you through the whole
process of this laser treatment. That includes what I look like 12 days to
a month after the treatment too. When I first arrived at TCS Aesthetic central
clinic, I was greeted with a chic and polished aesthetic. I was also given a registration form to fill
up. After filling up the form, I was lead to Dr
Ryan Tan’s consultation room. In there, I learned more about the laser treatment
and release my queries. You can see the detailed FAQ about the treatment
on IreviewUread. Link in description box. Thereafter, I was brought to the makeup room
and toilet. In there, I used the calming milk wash to
remove the impurities from my face before proceeding. Next, numbing cream was spread all over my
face by Dr Tan’s assistant. Since that numbing cream required 30 minutes
to activate, I was lead to the waiting room to wait it out. After 30 minutes, I was brought to the room
where my CO2 laser will be carried out. Before that, the assistant help me remove
the excess numbing cream off my face and help me get situated. Before I head on to describe about the treatment,
here’s the actual audio from the session. *laser sound*
Is it ok? Yeah
very good So not so scary ya? Ya! As you can hear, Dr Ryan Tan is very friendly
throughout the session. He not only gently tried to calm my nerves
but he informed me whenever he move the laser to another position. He was very concern about the patient. Now about the laser session. When the laser came in contact with my skin,
it felt like tiny needles stabbing all over my face. This lasted for about 3 to 5 minutes. After the CO2 laser was over, tiny dots could
be seen all over my face. More prominently on my nose. Since I had some oil bumps, a more focused
laser was used to get rid of them. This time, it was not as painful. Finally, all the treatment is done. The assistant proceed to massage in some antibiotics
and moisturiser all over my face. I am not to wash my face for the rest of the
day. And if my face start to feel like it’s hot,
dry and itchy, I can calm it down with an ice pack. As you can see my skin looked more moisturized. The dots are also less prominent. For the aftercare, they gave me some Bio Cellulose
Stem Cell Masks and Fobancort Antibiotics Cream. The antibiotics is to be applied twice a day
while the mask is to be applied 2 to 3 times a week. After I reached home, my face was red. Especially my cheek area. Additionally, it was dry and itchy. Thus, I decided to ice those parts. Later that day, my face is not red anymore. The next day, it was time for me to wash my
face and it hurts. When it hurts parts of my face will turn red. However, both the redness and pain faded eventually. I also can feel the dotted scars forming on
my face. They felt like scales. Because of these scales I was not able to
apply my products evenly. I also have to be careful of what I apply
to prevent further irritations. Hello so this is day 3 of the proceedor and
you can see that there redness over here but it’s not pain like it’s not as not pain all. It’s just. I think, it will turn brown. I feel so scaly like the scab on my face. Scab? Sclab?It’s stuck on my face. And it feels so scaly. I cannot put on my skin care properly. And not to say makeup. Makeup is horrible. But so far so good as long as I don’t feel
pain it’s fine. Plus I think I just did a photoshoot in the
hot hot place so it may be red. But I will check in with you in a few more
days. Bye! That night, I applied the gel mask. My face calm down at the end of the day but
you can see some redness here and there. The mask felt very cooling despite not placing
it in the fridge beforehand. It was dripping with essence. Although it was a little small at the sides,
I like how it clung to every corner of my face. It also have no scent. After usage, the redness on my face disappeared. My skin also felt cool and hydrated. By day 3, my scabs on my skin started to peel
off when I touch it or apply my skincare using the cotton pad. As you can see, the scabs came off in tiny
dots. It shedded mostly from my nose. Looking at these dots, it reminds me of the
feeling that one get when looking at a used pore strip. So satisfying! On Day 4 because of the peeling, I was able
to feel small parts of my face that felt very smooth while others were as rough as before. One of the roughest part is around my nose
area. Despite the parts of my face going through
such a rough patch, I never had a problem with my face being dry. This may be due to my moisturisation habit. Day 5 came and my cheeks became smooth and
bouncy. It felt like I was touching baby skin. On the other hand, my nose still felt rough. Like the previous days, the scabs fell off
as soon as I touch them. Despite that, my forehead didn’t peel at
all. On day 6, my skin started to look like it’s
glowing. Although the texture at the cheek area did
feel back to normal, some parts of my face did feel kind of scaly. It’s been a week since the treatment and
my skin was glowing with radiance. Many of the scabs fell off unknowingly. Thus, my cheeks and nose have start to clear
up beautifully. On day 8, I seemed to have spotted some small
pimples popping out at the left side of my face. However aside from that, my skin look radiant,
brighter and whiter. Some of my scars on my right cheeks have diminished
but not all of them. On the other hand, the sides of my face were
still rather rough and refuse to peel. I’m not sure if it would peel in this cycle
at all. Day 9 rolled over and most of my scabs have
gone it’s own ways. But some of them still stayed. Despite being on my menstrual cycle, I did
not find as much pimples on my face. I am impressed at how my skin still looked
and how it is glowing at this stage. For day 10, my skin looked the same as the
previous days. It looked healthier and whiter. There were still stubborn scabs on my forehead
and around my face. At this point I did notice that my skin felt
more sensitive than it was previously. On day 11 my face felt like how it regularly
feel except that it is healthier and softer than before. The stubborn scabs in a way became part of
my face. I did see the oil spots come back despite
being lasered off previously. On day 12 my face look like the day before. It seems like things are going back to normal. When I tried to put on makeup on day 16, I
find that the application is flawless. On the other hand, my skin did become 1 shade
lighter. 1 month after the laser treatment, some of
my scars on my right cheek did disappear. My skin is also 1 shade lighter. I love how radiant my skin looks throughout
the month. However because of hormones, I have a huge
acne on my nose. So that is how my laser session goes. This is my first session of the laser I will
be going for 5 sessions and I will be doing 5 blog posts. I will be doing a few more videos on the laser
session, so I do hope that you do subscribe and do keep up with me on this journey. So overall I do like the laser session for
it does really help with clearing the acne scars on my face. My skin also feel very soft and baby smooth. it’s like it’s so bouncy! I do find that my skin do look 1 shade lighter
like it’s not this white and it’s just nicer! White is nice right? I feel that the service in TCS aesthetic clinic
is really great they’re really kind and they do engage in small talk while I was waiting. I feel that Dr Ryan Tan is also very professional
and patient when it comes to my hundred and one questions. He is also very friendly and easy to talk
to. I am definitely lucky to have him as my doctor. Place the location of the clinic is at Clarque
Quay Central so it’s really convenient for people who come from other places or from
the offices.So that’s the end of this laser treatment video. You can see the textual version of this review
on IreviewUread as linked in te description box below. Thank you for watching IreviewUread and I
do hope that you like this video. Do remember to like, subscribe and comment
and I will see you in the next video. Bye!

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