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I identify myself as trans woman of color. I’m on this journey to reposition everything externally to match everything that’s internally. I have to be myself or die trying. I say I have tranorexia, that everytime I look in the mirror for some reason I see my previous self, even though people from my past say it’s so hard to remember who he was and we don’t see him. Imagine waking up every day uncomfortable in your own skin, looking in the mirror and not quite recognizing the person that you feel internally. It is important for me to get facial feminization surgery because now my facial structure will match my internal expression of who I am. The doctor that I’ve chose, Dr. Obeng, is a corrective surgery doctor. We’re gonna sand the forehead down, the chin, and then the nose would get balanced to these two. What’s beautiful right now is that we’re starting to get into a space where everyone’s being allowed to operate on a spectrum. One extreme being completely female and other extreme being completely male. Now, what’s in between is what you choose. My definition of what being a woman of trans experiences is living a reality that is mirroring a cisgender woman’s expressions. I want my body to look completely female because that’s how I see and that’s how I feel, but that’s just me. For me it’s scary. What am I gonna see? Am I gonna recognize myself? Am I going to be happy with these results? Are these the results that I really wanted? I think it’s gonna be more than just a look. But it will be a new confidence, it will be a new definition of self. After this surgery I’ll be able to reintroduce the real me. So healing for me was nothing at all what
I thought it was gonna to be. I thought it was gonna be like you know, day seven I see bruises but, you know, I’m trucking along. There were so many hiccups along the way. My body was just storing trauma. I think by day seven I wanted, you know, I wanted to reverse everything. I wanted it to soften. So much stuff was done to me and while my body could take it mentally dealing with it, and physically dealing with it was a lot. But today looking back at it all I would do it again in a heartbeat. And it feels fucking incredible. This whole surgery, I will say that it changed me. It changed the way I see myself. It changed the way I define myself. It changed the way I introduce myself to the world. I’m now in a space where I understand this isn’t my end result. We just got one more surgery, Giselle. It’s just that last step where Doctor Obeng’s gonna assist me in getting my vagina. I’m defining me and who and what I am, and my female expression is mine. And don’t you dare tell me how to be.

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  1. And the lie detector determined that was a lie. Even with all of the surgeries you are still a man and you were born male. I don’t care what you ppl say. I have an opinion just like everyone else does.

  2. Well he,she looks beautiful. Good job for the Doctor.But my worried is what God will do to her when she he dies because is like u don't appreciate how created you. Let's try to be our self. That is my view. Arest my case 👷

  3. To all the people using he/him pronouns when they refer to her, congrats you are so hilarious! It’s so funny and cool when you misgender someone!

  4. You can identify as a bald eagle, if you please. It changes nothing, though.
    SCIENCE decides what you are.

    – Claiming otherwise is completely discarding biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, DNA, chromosomes and evolution (and basically all science there is).

    You can feel as a woman all you want. You still are not, if SCIENCE says otherwise.

  5. She was beautiful before but if it makes her feel better it's worth it. Glad it turned out good for her. ❤️

  6. Girl you were beautiful before and post op! I hope you feel beautiful and more comfortable in your own skin 😊

  7. She's not going to transition into a woman. She's completely changing herself! She looks so plastic and fake even before the surgery. Im sorry….

  8. Umm she was fine before I dont mean to be rude but j would have got eny thing done or ever touched that nose

  9. If I was a female I would be furious, transgenders don’t go the pain you guys suffer, like monthly cycles and pregnancies

  10. Transgender is went someone "feels" like they want to be the oppisite gender and so doctors infuse there body containing chemicals that stop puberty bc they "FEEL" THAT WAY

  11. I think she looks beautiful before. That’s a lot to endure to recover from a 10 hr surgery. Bottom line I hope she’s happy.

  12. I hope you're doing good. I don't understand what it's like and I don't think I ever will but I know that it has to be hard and I applaud you for your journey to self-care and acceptance.

  13. i am sorry but every creature including humans is beautiful as GOD made them…mess up with them and u'll be responsible for the consequences

  14. #Baphomet #SatanicGenderInversion
    Unless they REPENT and rebuke this Satanic abomination, they are going to burn in Hell for eternity!!
    God created two sexes only: male and female created them He!! ☝️☝️😡

    If one is born a man, he will die a man. Same for women.

    A pig can dream all it wants, but it will always remain a pig and will die a pig, and will never transition into a butterfly, no matter how many surgeries it might get.
    That’s the gist of the moral.

  15. #Baphomet #SatanicGenderInversion
    You are a MALE. Created by God as a MAN, that’s why you only see your real self, no matter how much you try to change your body!

    It’s called DEMONIC POSSESSION. You need to repent and come to God and then you will be healed inside and out, and comfortable in whomever you were created.

    Only your loving Creator will heal you. Nobody else!! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    The devil has gotten you dazed and deceived, through your sins. REPENT of all your sins and lustful desires and you will know the TRUTH, which will set you free!!! Fully and unconditionally FREE!!!!!!

  16. Ew, ugly af. 1rst of all you're not being yourself. You're attempting to impersonate a female. You are an extremist and insane smh. Boy You do not know what a female or any other human being feels like, you are crazy!!!

  17. I appreciate the doctor not rushing to do the female vagina surgery, as he said, you are young….that was important to see that he cared. I think she should do more counseling and don't rush the vagina ina surgery. Better nutrition – Better health unlimitedhealthandwellness.reliv.com

  18. I'm so scared of anaesthesia and Lying unconscious for so long and the fear that anybody can do anything with me, I'd rather die than have any surgery.

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