I Cried in Front of a Village | Guatemala Travel Vlog | EP. 3

It is currently 6:45 in the morning, and for those of you who don’t know, I’m in Guatemala right now with a group of people
who watch these videos. We invited them to come here. We’re going on an epic
trip throughout Guatemala and then we’re spending a few days repairing a school, and today is the first day
we get to go to that school. (engine hums) Look at this, there’s mangoes
on our walk to breakfast. What? On the ground. Oh my god, it’s so ripe. It’s amazingly ripe. Another mango. Another mango. They’re all over. This should be our breakfast, this is our, another mango, another mango, they’re all over. (upbeat music) Morning. Morning. (upbeat music) (cheering) (upbeat music) – [Group] Yeah! (cheering) (upbeat music) – [Man] This is Phineas. – Phineas Arturo. – [Man] And he was the
president of the town that we’re going to build or repair the school in, and he was gonna ride
his bike up the hill, but we’re gonna give him a ride. We can’t make him ride his bike. This is a president. (laughing) (engine hums) – So there’s a little bit of an emergency, the last time we were here, we expanded the project
from just the primary school to a health center. There’s holes in the roof, which means it’s raining
during rainy season into the health center, so when women are having babies or getting taken care
of in the health center, there’s water everywhere so they asked us if
we’d help with that so, of course, we said yes and
we added onto the project, so now we have even more impact that we’re all gonna be able to make and thanks to everybody
coming on this trip, we’re able to buy all the
materials for this projects, and so as you guys will see, look at everyone lining up right now. This is all to see us right now. Those banners are for us. Those little things that they made. – [Woman] The kids made the banners. (baby crying) (speaking foreign language) – So it looks like a lot of people are gathering around to thank us, show their appreciation
for what we’re doing, and it’s overwhelming. I’m trying to take it all in but this is a pretty powerful experience. This is the roof that’s
going to be installed in the health center, so that there’s no more leaks. Women who are pregnant don’t get water dripping on them, medicine doesn’t get spoiled, so it’s very important. (speaking foreign language) – [Man] We’re recording, right? – Yes, yes. (laughing) Well…
– Can I go like this? – [Woman] Same humor. – So I didn’t expect there
to be all these people gathered here to show their appreciation and thank us and show their support. Because it’s more eyeballs on us and this is a very powerful experience. It’s very, it’s overwhelming. I’m trying to suppress. (crowd speaking foreign language) Thank you guys, so much. This really means a lot. And we’re really gonna
help the community here. Oh. We did this. And it’s just the beginning. – It’s everybody. We’re here with you, man. – Yeah.
– We’re here with you. – I feel like we should–
– Everybody get in here. Right now. Would you try, right, let’s do this, guys. – Group hug.
– Get over here. Bring it in. (speaking foreign language) – So sweaty.
(laughing) – Sweaty hug, nice job everyone. (laughing) – Thank you, Dylan. (speaking foreign language) – So I’m gonna give you a resume of that, resume, yes.
– Sure. – So she is saying that
she really appreciates all the help that they are gonna get, and she also wants to give the thanks to the mayor from Chiquimula because thanks of him, Dallas and you are keeping in touch and this is not the only time that they’re gonna come. More people from the Vivid Roots Crew are gonna be coming and they’re gonna be
helping all these people, so everybody is gonna get a benefit, a huge benefit from you guys and all the money that you’re donating for the community. (speaking foreign language) That was so fast. So I give you a brief. He’s explaining that all the help that you’re providing for these people are gonna benefit, is gonna benefit all these women who are pregnant and they
are about to deliver babies, because they didn’t have a safe place or enough supplies for them. The mayor from Chiquimula has the desire to help but sometimes he
doesn’t have enough money to help these people. – We’re just getting a
tour of this health center right now to see the extent of the damage, and then what it’s going to look like when we fix it. (crowd chatting in foreign language) All this is just wrecked from the rain. You can see this is all molded up here. (crowd chatting in foreign language) More mold up there in the ceiling. (crowd chatting in foreign language) How would you feel if you were a woman who had to come here
for a medical procedure or for baby, something, like? – Like something would happen, like scared for my life.
– Yeah. – And my child’s life, awful. – [Man] This is a place
that would get you sick. – Right, right. – The last thing you want from going to a medical center is to get more sick going into that zone. It’s just very important that this was added onto the project. (crowd chatting in foreign language) So this whole roof is
going to get replaced, because it breaks and it cracks, like you can see right here. You can see right through. It’s all going to be sheet metal now so that it won’t leak. (dramatic music) (crowd chatting in foreign language) We’re going on a little tour of the school and see where we can lend a hand. – This is one of the things, guys, we are gonna rip the
roof off of this bad boy. This is one of the classrooms that they have multiple classes in, so we’re gonna build a
wall here and a roof here. (speaking foreign language) – Yeah. Hey, hey, hey, yeah. Half the kids are in class, half the kids are just running around. Seems like there’s not
enough teachers here to manage all the kids, and this is their water situation. (crowd chatting in foreign language) – A little bit more hygiene, so that’s gonna be something
that we’re putting in. You’ll see and then we go out back. – That little water tap you saw is how they get all their water right now. The kids wash their hands in it, they wash their feet,
they wash their face, they cook with it. Behind me are the washrooms, and there’s no water to the washrooms, so you literally have to
take a bucket of water and pour it down the bowl so that everything flushes away. Part of what we’re gonna do is install plumbing so that water can be in these toilets and they can have running water and we’re
also going to install a water tower so that in the dry season it’ll contain water and they can use that water
when there’s not much rain. So this right now is their
arena for playing soccer. There’s just plastic bottles and that is making a ring. (crowd chatting in foreign language) Boom. They’re like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. (laughing) (crowd chatting in foreign language) – There we go.
– Okay, hold on. (speaking foreign language) – This behind me was one of the classrooms and they’ve already removed the roof, and we’re going to
reinstall a brand new roof. (upbeat music) I’m mostly sitting on buckets. (upbeat music) ♪ Fill my bed ♪ We’re now back at the medical center, the roof is actually done. That took half a day. I don’t know how long
they’ve needed a roof, but just, you know,
they have enough hands, they have the resources, they just need the funding to do it, and with the right funding, in half a day, the roof is now fixed, so we’re here just
cleaning up all the mess that was the old roof,
all the old shingles, and yeah, let’s get sweaty. (upbeat music) I really hope that the camera saw anything ’cause I climbed halfway up a water tower to get that shot. Some of the local kids just showed up. They came running up to
us with empty buckets ready to work and participate and it’s just amazing to see the support from the community here. (upbeat music) So before all this was open, now there’s an actual roof, so no more water in this area. This looks like the waiting room. Hola. – Hello. – This is Jessica.
– Hola, hello. – [Man] She is incredible,
she is a huge part of why we’re here and this would not have
happened without her, so from everyone watching to you, a big high five and we love you. So before that was just open. Now you can see that
the aluminum is in there so no more water on this side and that will get replaced. Guys, how was that? – Amazing.
– It was awesome. – Awesome.
– Yeah, are you tired? – I wasn’t sure what you were asking. – I’m okay. (laughing) – Tired and dirty and ready to shower. – Awesome.
– Oh yeah. – Actually ready to jump in the pool. – Very rewarding.
– Yes. – Ready to work.
– Yeah. It was an easy day one, half easy day one. – We got to play around
with the kids a lot, which was fun.
– Yeah. – Yeah, yeah.
– So… Yeah, now we’re sweaty, dirty, tired. – We’re back after a very hot long day. We had two people that felt very ill, one from the altitude, two from the heat, and three from not drinking enough water because we sweat so much. Today was just kind of seeing where our funding has gone, and it’s gone to a lot of supplies. It’s gone to paying the locals here to do some of the work, because we can’t set foundations and set concrete and cut metal and weld and all that stuff needs
to be done by locals, so we’re bringing jobs to Guatemala, which is great, and all the money is being spent here. The supplies are being spent here, so it’s all staying within Guatemala. You guys already saw, it
was a very emotional day, and the next few days are gonna be just as amazing. Along this journey we
have some extra surprises. – And I can’t wait for that reveal with the kids, I didn’t
know that they didn’t know about the playground yet, so that’s gonna be so awesome. – We wanted the kids to have something that they could have fun on, so this is sponsored
by Hopscotch the Globe. (upbeat music)

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