I Choose Parkland Medical Center

(Upbeat and feel good background music) – [Narrator] Every minute of every day, we are here to serve the
members of our community. At Parkland Medical Center, we take tremendous pride in our quality, spectrum, and efficiency of
healthcare services we provide. We are committed to providing positive patient experiences
and healthy outcomes. Our commitment to supporting
this community runs deep. We continually strive for excellence on behalf of our patients. And because of our outstanding
physicians, nurses, and staff, we are able to
make a meaningful difference in the thousands of lives of our
patients and our community. – One of the things I love about Parkland is it’s a small community
hospital and I feel like I’m taking care of the
patient in a setting where they’re home and they’re not in a large city Boston hospital
or something like that. This is home. This is a small setting
where the patients receive intimate care from the nurses as well. – Here at Parkland Medical Center, we’re a community based hospital. Our emergency medicine
staff are highly skilled. The emergency department is one-stop comprehensive care. From cardiac to stroke, to
trauma, to general illnesses. – The continuity of care to me, is really based on the relationship between EMS and the ER
staff here at the hospital. And that system to care provided here at Parkland is second to none. We’re in the business of saving lives. And we’re able to provide
a high level of care that’s really helping out a
lot of patients here in town. – So my Parkland story started in June, when I suffered a back injury and I was admitted for two
days, and had amazing care. My care continued through
the out-patient department in the pain clinic. It was quality, compassionate care. Along with respect from the entire staff. – I like being in the ICU because I get to see
the results of my care. I grew up in Derry. And I was always looking for a way to be able help other people and give back to community
that helped raise me. – I chose Parkland because I wanted to come to a
small community hospital. Where everyone knew each other and gave the great care
that we do today, everyday. – I chose Parkland because I think there is a community
and a family feel to it. I think we have top-notch doctors. I definitely think that Parkland
is a great place to come. And you don’t have to go to the big city to get great medical care. We have the technology here. We have the staffing here. – The Oncology Center here has a unique distinction of being supported by dramatically
experienced nurses over years and years of Oncologic care. The nurses here are the
exception to many rules. They’re up to date on their, both Oncological knowledge,
but most importantly, patient nuance and patient care. If I had the disease I treat, I would want my nurses and
my colleagues to treat me. – I choose Parkland Medical Center. – I’m very happy that I chose Parkland Medical Center for my care. – Everyday I continue to
choose Parkland Medical Center. – I choose Parkland Medical Center. – I choose Parkland. – We choose Parkland. – I choose Parkland Medical Center. – I choose Parkland. – I choose Parkland. – I choose Parkland. – I choose Parkland. – I choose Parkland. – At Parkland Medical Center, amazing happens everyday. That’s why so many people and I choose Parkland Medical Center. – I choose Parkland.

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