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I’m proud to say that I live like someone
10 years from now. I got my genome sequenced which I discuss
regularly with my primary care physician to create a preventive plan. I monitor my sleep quality, stress level,
daily exercises and many more lifestyle elements with digital health technologies. I’m the patient of the future. So let’s take a look at how you, too, can
get on top of your health management. The basis of my health management is genome
sequencing. Lately this service has become cheap enough
for the average consumer and I believe in the future it’s going to be a basic diagnostic
tool just like a blood test. As genome sequencing can reveal hereditary
cancer risks, it’s a scary experience to learn this much about ourselves, but it can
be key to prevent them and stay healthy in the long run. So when I got the results, I took them to
my general practitioner who helped me set up a preventive plan. I learned that I have slightly increased risks
for melanoma and thrombosis but now I know what steps I should take to try to prevent
them: I’m taking proper skin protection from sun exposure, do periodic skin checks
with my doctor, and exercise on long flights. A microbiome test was also helpful in setting
up a healthier diet for me. Only few people know how important the microorganisms
in our digestive system really are. These bacteria are not just beneficial but
they play a key role in the development of our immune system and in the protection against
pathogens. So it makes sense to keep them happy. How can we do that? A microbiome test reveals the composition
of your gut bacteria and lists the types that you need more-of to be healthier. You also get a recommendation of personalized
probiotics to help you achieve that. Personally, I received a long list of probiotics
ranging from various types of lactobacilli to bifidobacteria lactis. My other big allies in staying healthy are
my numerous trackers and wearables. I monitor my daily exercises with Fitbit and
a Polar chest strap during exercises. Until I started using these devices, I had
no idea how many of my habits could be optimized for a healthier lifestyle. For example, in this workaholic age, we often
talk about sleeping as something that’s in the way of getting things done, but in
fact, it’s one of the key components of a healthy lifestyle. One in every three people doesn’t get enough
sleep, or their sleep is not sufficient enough. And bad sleeping habits don’t just leave
us tired and distracted, its long term effects can increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease,
depression and even cancer. A sleep tracker can help you pinpoint the
things that you can do to achieve a better quality of sleeping, while a smart alarm can
wake you up at the right moment in your light sleep cycle, where you will feel fresh and
ready for the day. While these things seem simple and small in
the grand scheme of things, they are key to setting up a healthy lifestyle. I’m the patient of the future. I can tell you how you will live in 10 years
from now, how you will deal with your data and how you will fear your privacy. Will you lose the freedom of choice? Will you hate living with technologies even
though those let you live a longer and healthier life? I know. Ask me questions!

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  1. Hey there. I wanted to check out your website, but the connection isn't safe. I suggest you update your SSL certificate. Also, could you please provide a list of the things on the table at 2:15 in the description of the video?

  2. Do you think digital health will be hindered by economic inequality? A preventative health plan would require a change of lifestyle and often this isn’t done simply because of the cost!

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