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  1. I think Matt Smith is the best Doctor Who. Alot of good ones but…. By the way, what happen to the worst? #13 is the worst.

  2. Do you know what makes this scene so much better? At that moment, all those Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans, Slitheen and other bad guys were laughing their arses off, knowing that the Doctor had fallen so perfectly for their trap.

  3. Of all of Matt's great moments as the Doctor ("Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically…run."…"You have to remember all of those people you used to be.") this is my favorite one.

  4. Thing is, while this is a REALLY badass scene, the entire time they're all playing him because that's exactly what they all wanted.

  5. Petition for them to delete all the videos and reupload them with Peter saying "Subscribe to the official Doctor Who YouTube channel,"

  6. THe only thing that would make my day would be when 11th yells i am talking! I wish the 10th yelled in the back AND I SIR AM NOT LISTENING

  7. People always forget that this is 11 using his legacy as a scare tactic. He's completely wrong about what the pandorica is and other people wanting it.

  8. When you looks at this whit out CGI the doctor has been yelling at the empty sky for 2 minutes straight, basically saying come at me bro!

  9. I love how he can make people run just by telling them he's The Doctor, it always makes me remember that 11 never actually went looking for a fight, if he could avoid it he would. The Dalek are an exception, they killed his entire race, he deserves to throw the first punch.

    I love Matt Smith's chaotic energy.

  10. I would love a scene were an army general of an alien race with a million elite soldiers, each of which could take a whole planet on their own, mecha suits at the ready, ships in the air and every single one of them aiming their weaponry at one single person. A person who stands afront of the army and the general likes its another day in the office.
    "Whoever you are, you clearly don't understand the gravity of this situation, so it would be best if you would leave and let us do what we do best…invading."
    "I've kept myself away for almost a thousand years since the last time I protected not only the world from alien threats but also recreated the big bang and literally rebooted the very universe you and your army call home. But now I think I'll step out of the shadows and go into the light and shine a light so bright that it encompasses the entire universe and let everything and everyone knows who has come back and to beware of…"
    The general looks at the man now feeling uneasy.
    "Who are you!" says the visibly nervous general, a man who can take down the very army he governs on.
    "Oh me…I'm the Doctor." The man raises his head to be eye to eye with the general.
    "So basically…Run!"
    The general gave the fastest order of retreat he has ever given in his service.
    "General why are we retreating, he's just one man!"
    "He's no man neither mortal, he's the one person in this entire universe that every creature who means to do harm is scared off, even the Daleks, a race of killing machines are afraid of him."
    "What's his name."
    "….The Doctor…."

  11. Main defining factor for each Doctor from 8th:
    8th: The romantic
    9th: The PTSD
    10th: The Swagger/Hero
    11th: The Reputation
    12th: The Nitpickiness
    13th: TBD

  12. I love 11 just because more than any other doctor he decides that the best way to solve a problem is by screaming at it and telling it to run away… and then that works because doctor

  13. I love Doctor Who, but it can be ridiculous at times. The writers of the show are constantly trying to make us believe there is no God, but yet their story lines have things like the Nestene consciousness, ghosts, miracles, spirits, and the ability to bring back entire universes, by the simple use of the imagination.
    I have gone to university and studied countless scientific theories, and there is no real theory to explain the existence of God, but there's also none to explain the existence of man. So, I would suggest the writers stay away from a person's intimate beliefs, and get back to writing shows that everyone can enjoy.

  14. Writers: Okay Matt, We need you to scream at the sky, but make it look scary and badass, got it?
    Matt: Sounds good?

  15. "and then do the smart thing and let somebody else try first." there you have it; ladies and gents, that's how you stop an entire amry: just by existing.

  16. sad thing is he just dug the grave even more with this speech about what he has done to them pissing them off even more and instead of just one of them comign for them they all did
    and he had fallen into their trap so when they leave it to discuss what they do next in their plan. a great speech made pointless by the reveal of what the pandorica is ,was and will be and that all his eneimes were there to celebrate

  17. ''When he is surrounded by his greatest enemies what dose he do,
    Remind them every time he stop them and will happen again if they dont back down''

  18. Dalek "supreme commander the Doctor is making a speech! "
    Supreme commander "great, we can all be bored to death listening to a lunatic. As if my day has not been bad enough. "

  19. This would be quite impressive if it wasn't for the fact that the various alien races were all pretending to be scared of the doctor because they wanted him to be next to the Pandorica when it opened.


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  21. And knowing what happens at the end of this episode, you have to know that every race listening to the Doctor give his speech is saying…

    "Go ahead Doctor and talk yourself into your own grave"

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