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Hello from Tampere, Finland I found a Christmas present tied in a tree here in Tampere on the Christmas night It said “finders keepers” There was no-one to be seen and the city center of Tampere was quiet Of course I took the present I opened it and found some strange things inside There was this note that says: “Congratulations! You’ve found a special package that includes an official fan product for Epidemic Disease Hospital” Okay… Epidemic Disease Hospital… There is an Epidemic Disease Hospital in central Tampere but I had to do some Googling And I found out that similar packages have been found around Tampere for the past 10 years or so The plot thickens There was also this necklace inside the package Apparently many of the packages have included a necklace A letter talking about the Epidemic Disease Hospital It’s a two sided letter with very very strange things And then there’s this ornament that says “Katri Vala” The other side says “the official fan product of Epidemic Disease Hospital” What on earth is this? After some digging I found forums online discussing about this Many think that these letters are written by a local artist The wildest speculations say that these are some sort of messages and tips left by a murderer Whatever it is, I now had to come to see this place myself I was also interested in why this ornament says the name “Katri Vala” Katri Vala was a Finnish poet who lived in the early 20th century She died in tuberculosis at the age of 42 As this is an Epidemic Disease Hospital it might have something to do with this place but Katri Vala did not live here in Tampere Also tuberculosis wasn’t treated here but there was a tuberculosis hospital at Kauppi district here in Tampere In the late 19th century Finland the cities had to offer health care And that’s when the Epidemic Disease Hospital was erected here in Tampere The most feared epidemic diseases were measles and cholera at that time The epidemic diseases spreaded especially in cities and the most common reason for the spreading was the drinking water Here in Tampere the drinking water was taken from Lake Näsijärvi where the waste water was also pumped into There was a need for an Epidemic Disease Hospital since the homes here were tiny And the sick person had to be isolated from other residents The family members couldn’t enter the hospital to meet or touch the sick It was only possible to see the family members behind a window And the children weren’t allowed to enter this area at all The hospital was closed down in 1985 and in the next year four wooden buildings were teared down in this lot The scarlet fever unit behind me was left empty and the homeless stayed there for the next winter The local student actives were planning on taking over the empty scarlet fever unit building But they didn’t as the city came to an agreement to rent the scarlet fever unit to Tampere Student Housing Foundation The scarlet fever unit was renovated very lightly as the rental agreement was supposed to last only for five years In the end this place was a home for local students for 22 years until 2009 Even though the Epidemic Disease Hospital was intently erected outside of the city center It is now located near the city center, at the crossing of Pyhäjärvenkatu Street and Papinkatu Street as the city has grown The city of Tampere left the scarlet fever unit abandoned in 2009 and after that you can clearly see how the condition has worsened Today the condition is so bad that it’s not safe to enter the building The lot is now part of the new Eteläpuisto Park city plan Fortunately, some of the buildings here are marked as protected in this plan Today some local artist work at this lot There’s a lot to see here On a Sunday night as it is today some of the galleries and working spaces are open for public So you are welcome to enter them as well There’s also this sauna building left here The patients here had to go through this sauna to enter or exit the hospital The locals here want this sauna to be renovated and opened to the public as a public city sauna I think it’s a great idea But now we get to go inside and see the gallery Pyynikin Aikamatkat – “Pyynikki Time Travels” Everything here is made of recycled material All that was here in this room was the draining board But everything else was dumpster dived or gotten from someone I first made this space as an animation studio And then this became my home And then I was asked to stage a set for a movie so I thought that if I hide all the everyday items you could film here The director wanted a hospital bed here at that time as part of a time machine So now it’s my sofa In the Aikakone (eng. Time Machine) film the time traveling was based on an electric shock So I installed this hood hair dryer here And then there are these small shower heads you pretend to give the time traveler an electric shock with And then the mind of the time traveler will be set into the right electric frequency And then the central processing unit will handle the time travelers mind here at the ionizer It’s actually a popcorn machine But we put the liquid used in a smoke machine inside so it vaporizes In this machine things like a break disk of a car, a lamp and a jukebox disk changer were used For the music video of the artist “Tapani Kansalainen” filmed here the director wanted a main switch So I made this switch quickly out of a tripod… But it seems to be a bit broken now And then there’s the “hassle button” I should grease the drum there The sound takes it to a new level Yeah, it’s like a robotic machine bird A few weeks back, first time in 17 years there were some vandals here Two people came here and broke a lot of things outside Oh no It was a total destruction That’s so sad… Today we have open doors at the working space next door Anyone can come You can use what ever you find at the basement or at the attic We give you materials, ideas and can help you if you need And there are also machines you can use We interviewed the artist Mika And I asked him if he has heard about the letters that brought us here to begin with He said that he has heard of them And he has previously been asked if he has made those But he said that they’re not done by him so the mystery still stays unsolved The gallery is awesome inside Thank you so much Mika we could visit Mika said that Sundays are especially good days to visit here There are no official opening times Mika lives here himself and you can contact him before hand if you want to see the place But it is such an amazing gem here in Tampere If you want to see more this type of videos of historical places here in Tampere, give us a thumbs up And if you have any suggestions of places we should make videos of, please comment below I’ll see you again next time Bye!

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  1. Upee video! Jännä aihe ja hieno toteutus, ylipäänsä tosi hyvä kokonaisuus. Lisää tämmösiä, jos keksitte aiheita 😍 Tampere-videot on parhaita, koska en tosiaan tiiä tarpeeks tästä kotikaupungista, jossa oon majaillu pari vuotta. Ootte super 😎👍

  2. Tuo paketin mysteeri kyllä kiinnostaa. Vaikuttais että on vanhempi tai muuten huonon käsialan omaava henkilö kyseessä kun kirjoittaa vielä kaunolla. 🤔 Todella mielenkiintoista. Ja kukaan ei todella tunnu tietävän kuka noita paketteja tekee.

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